What is Mb star c3? Step By step Guide 2022


A bit from the history of automotive scanners

 Mb star c3

Firstly, the history of mb star c3 automotive scanners dates back to the early eighties, the first diagnostic devices of this type appeared in the United States of America, and General Motors is the “pioneer”. Eventually, diagnostic equipment was then intended to improve the quality control of products; it uses on the assembly lines of motor vehicles.

In the future, mb star c3 began to uses to diagnose injection engines; at present, using the device, you can diagnose almost any system and unit in a car equip with an electronic circuit. 

Although, it should be said that at first the software and schemes for connecting to the car's on-board network were "motley", the narrow specification of mb star c3 gave rise to a lot of models that were not compatible with each other.

What is mb star c3 connector?

Eventually, the OBD connector first appeared in the fifties, and also its history originated in America. Furthermore, it all started with the fact that the US government began to think about how to deal with the harmful emissions of car exhaust gases that pollute the atmosphere. 

 At first, there was no single standard, and the connector for connecting the diagnostic tool could have any form, a different number of connecting wires. For the first time, the mb star c3 form propose in the late seventies, and in 1996, all automakers began to complete the produced cars with OBD2 pads of a single sample.

This connector has 16 pins for connecting a computer diagnostic device, a standard pin out; all pins are marked here and connected as follows:

OBD2 connector pins detail

  • - mass (minus);
  • - signal ground;
  • – CAN bus (digital);
  • - contact for connecting K-Line (ISO9141-2);
  • - tire for L-Line (ISO 9141-2);
  • - Output for power supply from the on-board network of the car (+12 Volts).

For a long time, only this connector uses on car scanners, but due to the development of computer technology, the exchange of a diagnostic tool with a car on-board computer via USB, Bluetooth and Wi Fi channels became available.

Scanner adapters based on MB STAR - description, diagnostic capabilities


In fact, all adapters built on the mb star c3 controller are not independent diagnostic devices; this device only plays the role of a decoder, allowing you to exchange data between the car's ECU and a laptop (desktop computer). 

As well as, the "language translator" of the car control unit can also display information on the screen of a tablet or smartphone; it all depends on the specific brand of the diagnostic device. In addition, models based on mb star c3 are capable of exchanging information through different channels; modifications produce by the industry:

  • with USB port, compatible with Mac OS, PC, Linux, WinCE;
  • equipped with Bluetooth and OBD2 connector;
  • transmitting information only via OBDII;
  • with Wi Fi module to work with iPad/ iPhone/ Android/ PC;
  • Providing communication only via Bluetooth.

Uses the MB STAR adapter, you can perform the following operations:

  • mb star c3 read error codes with the ability to decrypt them;
  • turn off the Check Engine signal on the car's instrument panel;
  • delete errors from memory;
  • receive information from car sensors online;
  • Record diagnostic reports in various formats.

When data exchanges via the digital CAN bus, information transmits almost instantly, but not all compact diagnostic tools support this format. Using the adapter on the screen of a computer device, you can read the data and determine:

  • vehicle speed at the moment;
  • average long-term and short-term fuel consumption;
  • air pressure;
  • ignition angle;
  • pressure in the fuel system;
  • voltage on oxygen sensors;
  • throttle opening angle;
  • Air consumption.

How mb star c3 exchange information?

There is a lot more data that can be obtained by connecting a PC through an adapter, almost all the characteristics are displayed in real time. Torque Lite, Dash Command, eZWay, OBD Car Doctor, etc.

Eventually, it uses to exchange information via mb star c3 to devices with the Android operating system. Furthermore, to get the basic parameters, it is enough to install the free version, the paid application allows you to study the data more deeply and make the most accurate settings.

Feedback on MB STAR adapters

All users of compact diagnostic equipment generally leave positive feedback about working with adapter scanners, although, sometimes there are also unflattering comments. But here, first of all, it should be noted that for computer diagnostics.
Mb star c3

It is necessary to have a good understanding about mb star c3 principles of operation of electronic systems, and since the ECM is mainly diagnosed, understand:

  • on what principle does the electronic circuit of the engine work;
  • what functions do car sensors perform;

What should we do before buying mb star c3?

Often, a negative opinion about the mb star c3 can be heard from users who have bought an adapter with a program without support for the Russian language. Therefore, it is sometimes quite difficult to figure out the menu.

 In order not to run into this problem, before buying, you should first ask if the adapter is simple. The necessary information can always be common on the Internet, and the sellers are also willing to answer the question of interest.

The main advantages of the MB STAR scanner-adapter noted by motorists:

  • quite affordable price;
  • small sizes;
  • mb star c3 has ability to connect to various computer devices;
  • clear definition of the fault code;
  • the accuracy of the readings received;
  • the ability to read many parameters;
  • Ease of setup and use.

Mb star c3 is very easy to use even when no workshop around you

Lastly, car owners consider that the big advantage of the mb star c3is that it is possible to find and reset errors in car electronics without contacting specialists, thereby saving on car service services. Yes, and it would not be superfluous to get to know the electronic filling of your “iron horse you can work with the device right in the salon;

  • no need to think about how it is more convenient to fit in a car with a bulky laptop;
  • Using a mobile phone, it is easier to carry out mb star c3on the go, check the parameters while the car is moving.

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