Volvo Vida Dice 2014d: Important Facts


Volvo Vida Dice 2014d
The essence of most repair work is clear without technical skills - the damaged part changes, the scratched body polishes, the crumpled wheel also rolls, With volvo vida dice 2014d of a car, everything more complicates - the driver inform of the result without going into the nuances of the process. Our expert will tell you what this device is.

When to do vida dice?

Electronics should be checked if any system it controls malfunctions. These include: engine, transmission, ignition, fuel injection, after treatment, brakes, lighting, on-board multimedia, steering and all electrical circuits. In the Audi Q7, Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 150 and other premium cars, electronics even control the suspension adjusting the ride height and the level of damping force.

Sure signs that your car needs vida dice:

  • illuminated check engine light on the dashboard;
  • uneven operation of the motor, noise and vibration from under the hood;
  • jerks when shifting gears;
  • thick smoke from the exhaust pipe in warm weather;
  • pull to the side when braking;
  • engine overheating;
  • long engine start;
  • fast battery discharge;
  • Non-working buttons switches and touch panels in the cabin.

We should check used cars with volvo vida dice 2014d

It must remember that electronics are not omnipotent - they do not see some breakdowns or mistakenly consider them insignificant. The light does not always light up - sometimes a failure can be detected only with professional volvo vida dice 2014d. 

Therefore, experts recommend carrying out the procedure at least once a year, and preferably two - at the beginning of winter and summer. Vida dice are done before a long trip, when buying a used car and after a long storage of the car.

How is vida dice work?

Since 2004, an OBD-II connector install in all cars. A scanner connects to it, which detects errors, reads key parameters and allows you to edit some settings.

The connector is also in some cars released earlier. It install in the USA since 1996. Since 1989, the less popular OBD-I computer diagnostic system uses, which is now very rare.

The procedure begins with checking the electrical part with a multi meter. You need to make sure that all connectors are intact, the battery charges, there is sufficient voltage in the network and there is no current leakage.

How the car behaves, what complaints we can face during electrical malfunction?

 In the event of an electrical malfunction, volvo vida dice 2014d of the car may give false results. Next, the owner of the car asks. A minimum of information require from him -, what has been unusual lately.


After that, a scanner connects to the OBD-II diagnostic connector. First, the specialist checks the error records to identify the most serious problems. The numbers and letters in the fault code allow you to specify the location of the breakdown. For example, in P0112: P - engine and transmission, 01 - intake system, 011 - air temperature sensor, 0112 - low temperature.

How volvo vida dice 2014d works?

Then volvo vida dice 2014d carries out according to the complaints of the owner of the car. A competent specialist knows what can cause a malfunction and what parameters need to check. For example, if the car began to obey the steering wheel worse, you should pay attention to the voltage of the electric booster at rest and at the moment of turning.

If necessary, the diagnostician starts the actuators using a scanner. Furthermore, checking the operation of the cooling fan, wiper actuators, electronically controlled suspension rheostats and other systems, he looks for a faulty link in the circuit.

What devices are used in vida dice?

The easiest option is a laptop with an OBD-II adapter that plugs into a USB port. In this case, it all depends on the software. Free programs for volvo vida dice 2014d can only read errors. The cost of professional applications reaches 50-100 thousand rubles.

Scanners fall into three categories:

  • portable models have the same set of functions as a free program - view and reset errors;
  • multi-brand scanners check the parameters that all cars have without exception - the volume of air consumed, generator voltage, throttle position and others;
  • Dealer scanners for volvo vida dice 2014d work with systems that use a specific manufacturer and are in certain models of cars. They provide the most complete information, but are more expensive and are sold only to authorize service centers.

How many tools are needed to check the fault of the vehicle?

Moreover, sometimes one scanner is not enough for a comprehensive check of the condition of the car. The gas analyzer helps to check the condition of the exhaust.

 The oscilloscope detects malfunctions of the timing mechanism. Millimeters’ with variable resistance allow you to evaluate the health of electric motors. Scanners with a logging functions record information on the go, collecting the array of data needs the master.

What does vida dice 2014d reveal and what to do with the results?

Volvo vida dice 2014d scans various parts of engine. In the case of the suspension, we can only talk about active components control electronics - in budget cars they are not at all. When diagnosing the brake system, a computer scan reveals problems associates with the operation of the ABS and other digital "assistants". In the steering, you can check the condition of the amplifier and rack.

The next steps are up to you. It is best to repair the car at the same service station. They must have volvo vida dice 2014d. Knowing the essence of the problem, the master will quickly get to its cause. You will not provide with detail information, so in another service center you will have to explain everything in words, risking missing important details.

How to operate vida dice 2014d?

If you're looking to do your own auto repair or professional diagnostics in the future, you can buy a handheld or multi-brand scanner to get the skills you need. In other cases, buying an expensive device will be useless.

Another option is to purchase an adapter to connect to a laptop or a Bluetooth adapter to connect to a smartphone. In this case, you can choose the appropriate application: free - to view errors or professional - for advanced volvo vida dice 2014d. There are also programs that distribute on a subscription basis - you pay for them only when you use them.

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