Ten Useful Tips from Experts in Volvo VIDA Dice


What is VIDA dice?

Modern cars, of the latest generation, have an electronic control unit. It is a control unit that verifies the correct functioning of the car and its efficiency. You take your car to an electrician or a trusted mechanic, in the event of the warning light on or some malfunction. The first check that is done is that of the control unit through the Volvo VIDA dice.

 Ten Useful Tips from Experts in Volvo VIDA Dice

How to connect Volvo dice?

Through a special diagnostic tool, it is in fact possible to connect to the system. It is to check the situation of practically all the sensors.  They connect to the control unit such as: the sensor that concerns the:

  • Engine load  
  • The tachometer
  • The temperature of the catalysts and many others.

Do you want to carry out a diagnosis of the car independently?

Thanks to these devices, even people who are not experts in the sector are able to view certain errors. Do you want to carry out a diagnosis of the car independently? Do you want to keep all the parameters of your vehicle under control? All you have to do is to buy the same diagnostic tool, Volvo VIDA dice device.

Given that a considerable number of models come on the market, in this guide we have decided to report.  This is according to our point of view, are the best OBD 2 devices currently on the market starting from professional models up to the cheapest ones.

Best devices for car diagnostics

OBD Volvo

In the first place of our ranking we have decided to insert the Volvo VIDA dice. It is a professional device from all points of view. This model is the previous version of older model. Moreover, it offers comprehensive OE level diagnostics, ECU coding and BMW / Benz ECU programming. This is ideal for industry specialists who need to troubleshoot vehicle warning lights and control modules.

LCD screen is very comfortable while using

The heart of this OBD 2 scanner is a powerful 1.3GHz Quad-Core A7 processor, 2GB RAM 64 GB memories. It comes by 15000mAh battery, the LCD screen is generous in size and looks very comfortable while using. The 8.0 MP rear cameras allow you to take the photographs necessary for the analysis of the interested part.

Which is best Volvo VIDA dice used to maintenance intervals?

As mentioned earlier, the MK908 scanner can connect to practically all existing modules such as PCM, ECM, EPS, PDM, BCM, TPM, SCCM. Thanks to its countless features, this device mainly use to reset mileage and maintenance intervals after changing engine oil, check ABS and SRS (Airbag) systems, check brake system such as brake fluid and pads (EPB), clearing the memory of the steering angle sensor (SAS) and fixing the diesel particulate filter (DPF) error.

The efficient assistance of the manufacturer

The cost is not for everyone. If you are a professional in the sector, Volvo VIDA dice is definitely the one for you. For more information, please read the technical data sheet directly on Amazon and for any need you can count on the efficient assistance of the manufacturer.

Vida dice: the high end of diagnostic scanners

Let's now move on to a cheaper variant of the MK908P but which is still in the high end of diagnostic scanners, it could evaluate as a semi-professional OBD 2 device and an excellent alternative if you have a limited budget available. The Volvo VIDA dice is the upgraded and wireless version of OBD. Moreover, it comes with a powerful Cortex-A9 processor and a 7-inch LCD touchscreen while the operating system is Android multitasking.

This device offers about 21 different functions

This model is capable of connecting and clearing fault codes (DTCs) on virtually all vehicles on the market. Overall this device offers about 21 different functions and those with which its most uses are:

  • checking ABS and SRS systems through various active / functional tests
  • restoring mileage and maintenance intervals after changing engine oil
  • restoring brakes after replacing the disc or bearing (EPB)
  • resetting the steering angle sensor (SAS) and fixing the diesel particulate filter (DPF) fault


Volvo VIDA dice scanner: ideal for professional use

Now that we have seen which are the most performing devices and therefore ideal for professional use, let's continue the list with the best economic alternatives that can still give satisfactions to those who want to use them at home.

The Volvo dice FX200 is in our opinion the best diagnostic scanner for the budget car and at a truly affordable price. This model is great for keeping track of all the tastes report by your car.

Overall, it is an OBD reader that has nothing to envy to those of the highest level usually use by auto electricians who, however, have a very high cost. Volvo VIDA dice is excellent for carrying out complete scans, identifying the type of problem with extreme precision and also allowing you to reset the various lights that are on.

The software updates allow a perfect reading

The software updates are very frequent in order to stay up to date with the new car models and allow a perfect reading even of the vehicles not present on the market when the device was put on the market.

The product includes in the price an 8 GB microSD (SanDisk), the power supply is via USB when connected to the PC for updates or via the OBD socket when connected to the vehicle.

The use of Volvo VIDA dice is very simple and intuitive, it recognizes practically any vehicle as soon as it connect to it. The controls are not done via touchscreen but thanks to 4 buttons. A feature that many users consider even more comfortable when use while wearing work gloves.

Bluetooth diagnostic tool: a small instrument

This diagnostic tool developed by industry professionals and also used by mechanical engineers. The beauty is that it is a small instrument, to carry with you without any kind of difficulty. Volvo VIDA dice connects via Bluetooth connection directly to Apple or Android mobile devices.


It is sufficient to download the appropriate application on the device, to have the diagnosis of your car at hand and to save the data. Not only that, it is also possible to obtain interactive graphics of the data in real time.

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