5 Explanation on Why VIDA Dice Is Important?


What are OBD IIs?

VIDA dice OBD IIs is an on-board computer, which detects the emissions, speed, mileage and other parameters of your vehicle. It is connected to the check Engine plug, which lights up when the computer signals an anomaly.

The OBD2 on-board computer is equipped with a 16-pin port typically located under the dashboard on the driver's side. Allows a mechanic (or owner) to read fault codes, using a special scan tool.

In addition to the warning light, the OBD offers a register of errors and their possible causes, in fact the system provides that each "error" corresponds to a precise code: each failure has an explanation and its solution.


What characteristics do VIDA dice have?

There are many OBD code readers on the market: they are usually quite simple and inexpensive tools, capable of reading and erasing the data of any post-2000 car. 

All OBD2 scanners have such different features and functions that make them unique and special.  In general, this system checks the status of the sensors involved in the emissions. For example, the injection system or the entry of air into the engine and, when something is out of phase. VIDA dice informs the driver by turning on the corresponding warning light to warn him.

The more expensive instruments are also completer and more accurate, capable of providing information on the codes of the same manufacturer, not only to warn and record any anomalies, but also to provide precise information on solving problems.

Who is the purchase of the OBD2 scanner worthwhile? 

  • It is such a precise and detailed system that it is suitable for all "fanatics" of their car, who always want to be aware of what is happening to the individual parts of their "beloved" vehicle.
  • VIDA diceis very useful for those who have a car that is no longer very young, and want to have real-time control over the various parts of the car, to intervene promptly.
  • If you have a car with an instrument panel reduced to the essentials: with an appropriate OBD2 you create a digital dashboard that is very useful during the trip.

How does OBD2 work?

Some use Bluetooth technology, others Wi-Fi technology or even through a USB port and interface with programs created to decrypt messages emitted by the ECU (Engine Control Unit). To understand even if it is not entirely correct. VIDA dice is the electronic control unit engine management. 

For example, it controls the device for the electronic-digital management of the mixture formation and its combustion, for the containment of the polluting emissions of an internal combustion engine and so on.

As Wikipedia explains, the simplest ECUs only control the amount of fuel injected into each cylinder. The most advanced ECUs, present in most of the cars currently on the market, also control:

  • Injection time
  • The variable cam timing
  • The ignition timing
  • All the peripherals of the control system.

Self-diagnosis but which app is the best?

There are also many VIDA dice that connect to the car diagnostic system. Let's see the most used ones with the link directly to the Apple Store or the Play Store. 

Torque Pro: the most downloaded and rated

One of the most downloaded and rated is Torque Pro because it is simple to use, costs only 3 euros and allows you to customize dashboards. It is also very intuitive and easy to use. 

What data does it allow you to view?

  • Obviously, all the errors and alarms of the car
  • Speed ​​of the car
  • CO2 emission
  • It has customizable dashboards
  • You can send GPS tags on Twitter (for example if you are going on a trip)

There is also the free version, VIDA dice (OBD2 & Car), which you can always find on the Play Store.

Which OBD2 to buy?

It is a complicated matter, because these tools have different characteristics, luckily for you we are here to help you choose the perfect one for you ...


Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) OBD2, Bluetooth 4.0 Car Diagnostic Scanner

ICAR pro is a good car diagnostic tool. It is perfect for reading error codes so that you can travel peacefully knowing the mechanical condition of the vehicle. 

It mounts easily, is small in size, displays the meaning of more than 3000 error codes. VIDA dice can use with Android, Windows and even iOS support of your smartphone. 

Data read by Vida Dice

Here is the list of the main data that it makes available 

  • Engine RPM (engine revolutions)
  • Coolant temperature
  • Power system status
  • Vehicle speed
  • Remaining amount of fuel 
  • Intake manifold pressure
  • Intake air temperature
  • Air flow
  • Power system status
  • Fuel pressure

Made in China, but interesting for the low price and above all for the presence of a simple display. It is perfect for those looking for a complete and finished product, but want to spend little. Don't expect modern graphics, but the information it shows you is still interesting for diagnosing your car's problems.  

VIDA dice diagnostic system

This car diagnostic system is simple and well done. Two words about the company: iCarsoft has its headquarters in the USA, K St. Suite 300 NW Washington DC, 20006, but it also has stores in Europe and Asia The manufacturer's website is clear and well done, we started from this to understand if the product was adequate.

OBD II, OBD Car Diagnostic Tool

We like this car diagnosis tool because it has an integrated display and you won't have to go crazy synchronizing it with your mobile phone.

This VIDA dice can test the vehicle's EVAP system by monitoring the integrity of the fuel tank system.

The O2 sensor test can monitor and adjust the air-fuel mixture to help identify the fault related to the vehicle's fuel efficiency and emissions.

The Main control shows the battery voltage status.

The 2.4-inch color screen is super easy to read. It's small, ok, but it also has the added bonus of being portable and in these cases it's really a pro. The other aspect we liked is that the VIDA dice is made with a nice durable rubber shell.

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