Why Volvo 2015A is the best diagnostic tool in the world?


The thing we liked the most about this car diagnosis tool is the Volvo 2015A function which allows you to monitor multiple parameters. 

 Volvo 2015A

The app works flawlessly

The fact that the manufacturer of the device is the same who also writes the software is synonymous with guarantee: who better than him is able to know the right commands? Furthermore, the manufacturer periodically releases firmware updates.

Of course, but it must be said, the application is free to download. You can also take a look at the official BUYOBDII website before buying it: you will find examples of the data that you can consult (downloadable in Excel format)

The customer support about Volvo 2015A is also very good and the operators respond quickly enough. So, this expense, although not trivial, can be there, that is, it justifies by the quality of the product and the efficient assistance.

OBD2 Bluetooth 4.0: function perfectly

OBD2 performs its function perfectly at an incredible price. Installation is quite simple and we like it for its very small size. Also, thanks to the switch, you could keep it mounted. Although the manufacturer recommends removing it after diagnosis.

Let's talk about speed? OBD2 scanner equips with Bluetooth 4.0 and is able to support the main smartphone operating systems (Android, iOS, Windows). It has only 3 milliseconds of low latency and the 3G / 4G network can still use while detecting your car data…!

Better auto diagnosis: Automatic shutdown and always updated firmware

Bluetooth Volvo 2015A: a professional Scan Tool

Scan Tool works with many systems and features real-time graphics. We like the fact that it uses Battery Saver technology, which allows you to leave it plugged in for a long time without draining the car battery.

On purpose! You can find all the tricks to keep your car battery healthy in our specific article.

You will immediately notice the solidity and quality of the materials with which this car diagnostic scanner is made. The thing that struck us the most is the ease with which we were able to pair it with the phone. Thanks to the Volvo 2015A that can download from the store. In addition, the manufacturer guarantees constant firmware updates with a clear and well-made website.

Also, very interesting is the fact that it can use on hybrid cars: just install the Hybrid Assistant app on Android.

Conclusions Scan Tool: fast and close readings

Very accurate scanner, with very fast and close readings, stable and very fast connection to the BT.

The only flaw: the price, but you pay for the quality.

Best car diagnosis: The most famous and complete made in USA

Volvo 2015A Auto Diagnostic: latest OBD2 technologies

OBD is an updated scanner equipped with some of the latest OBD2 technologies and aim at trained users! What makes this tool different from the cheaper ones is the ability to read ABS, SRS, oil, SAS and more, to get a complete diagnosis. It will never let you miss any diagnostic indication.

The clear and accurate real-time data graph helps you monitor your vehicle and beyond when you are making repairs. It is a scanner that can support almost all vehicle models, even Asian ones. A USB cable includes in the box to get updates.
Volvo 2015A

Automatic Diagnostic Tool: a tire equipment

This Volvo 2015A is produced by one of the first high-tech companies to have decided to invest in the sector of automatic auto diagnostics. Which also specializes in tire equipment. It is a multi- brand device, which can use without difficulty on most car models in Europe, Asia and America. But beware, it only works on 12 V cars. It cannot therefore be used on 24 V cars.

Automatic transmission, ABS and SRS systems

It has comprehensive OBD functions and basic diagnostic functions of the engine, automatic transmission, ABS and SRS systems. Volvo 2015A also has the most common reset functions, such as oil reset, electronic brake, battery, steering angle, throttle position, diesel particulate filter and injector programming. With this scanner it is not only possible to read the codes, but also to delete them if necessary. Can make a diagnosis report.

It is a Wi-Fi device. Just connect it to the network then to be able to update it. It is multilingual.


OBDII Car Diagnostic Scanner

The device has the latest generation software. It can update completely free of charge forever, so that any bugs that may present can correct without any kind of problem. New parameters can add in Volvo 2015A and thus always obtained performance. highest level.

It allows you to scan the vehicle very quickly and check its complete state of health. There are countless diagnostic features available, including vehicle information, O2 sensor, EVAP systems. The error codes can be read and possibly deleted obviously. All this can manage directly from the 2.9-inch LCD screen that the scanner is in possession of, large and in color.

It is therefore not necessary to install applications, an immediate and simple reading of data, also ideal for people who are absolutely less accustomed to new technologies.

An extremely resistant scanner

The Volvo 2015A has also been impeccably designed from a design point of view, so that it is easy to hold and non- slip. It is also an extremely resistant scanner, even in the case of violent shocks.

It works on most vehicles that have been placed on the market since 1996 and supports the KWP2000, ISO9141, J1850 VPW, J1850 PWM and CAN protocols. This scanner is multilingual, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Russian and Portuguese. It does not need batteries to work. It is powered directly through the car connector.

Scan Tool OBD: a real-time and precise measurement

This diagnostic scanner is multi- brand, capable of working without any kind of difficulty on any make and model of vehicle. Volvo 2015A allows you to obtain a real-time and extremely precise measurement of the data of your car. It also allows you to have access to easy-to-read graphs.

It is small in size, with a length of just 5 cm. Precisely for this reason it is also ideal to keep in the car, with the car running, since it does not obstruct the space available for the legs. There is also no danger of the car battery running out, as it features best technology. There are no switches or buttons, as it has the function of automatic activation and stop.

Volvo 2015A also has a security system that eliminates the risk of a hacker attack at its root.

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