What is the main function of vas 6154?



 vas 6154

Let's talk about a vas 6154 auto scanner, a motor tester and other diagnostic equipment for troubleshooting a car. What are they and what are they used for.

All modern machine controllers work with equipment using the KWP2000 protocol. This protocol is an international standard.

 This standard defines the way of "communication" between the equipment and the controller. It contains the information itself (parameter tables, fault codes) may be different.


This is a device design to diagnose the electronic "stuffing" of the machine. It does not have its own sensors, but connects to the ECU and reads information from the system. Since modern cars are "stuffed" with ECUs.

 It is sometimes impossible to find and eliminate some types of malfunctions without a scanner. With the help of an auto scanner, you can get ECU passport data, remove errors, activate equipment, and reprogram the unit. Moreover, it will change mileage and many other functions.

Some vas 6154 scanners have the function of reading the parameters record by the ECU at the same time as the error code.

 It is allows the diagnostician to find out about the malfunction and identify the causes. Also, many devices are able to take current parameters using additional functionality, such as an oscilloscope and a multimeter.


Firstly, automotive scanners come in the form of a stand-alone (independent) device.vas 6154 scanners in a PC complex consisting of software and a set of adapters. The stand-alone device is mobile; the software package provides a user-friendly interface based on a familiar operating system.  Similarly, there are several types of scanners:


Dealer scanners - have the ability to work with a specific brand of car or with several "relatives". They implement a wide range of functions and provide for the so-called guided diagnostics.

 The vas 6154 scanner is able not only to issue an error code and the place of its occurrence. He leads the diagnostician according to a certain algorithm. Furthermore, it gives possible causes of the error and options for solving the problem.

HOW DOES vas 6154 WORK?

Multi-brand scanners - work with a whole "fleet", which is the main advantage. Car manufacturers use different communication protocols and different configurations of diagnostic connectors. Multibranders support several protocols at once and are supplied with a set of adapter cables.

Universal scanners are the most common among most motorists. They are a connector for connecting to the diagnostic block in the car and an application on the phone. With this scanner and phone, you can easily check or reset engine errors. Similarly, they perform other machine service functions.

The functionality of vas 6154 scanners for each brand is limited. For example, multibrands practically “can’t” reprogram ECUs and are not adapt to actuators. Furthermore, they do not have guide diagnostic options.

They simply issue an error code and the location of its occurrence. To fix the problem, technicians need to use special reference books that decipher the code, and then find a way out on their own.


Vas 6154 allows you to obtain information in a graphical or numerical form about the operation of a particular system. Furthermore, these systems draw conclusions about its serviceability by comparing the received data with standard ones.

 Modern oscilloscopes equip with a number of additional sensors that allow the device to partially perform the functions of a motor tester.


Eventually, it combines the functions of an automotive oscilloscope and a device that tests the operation of engine electrical equipment. Unlike a vas 6154 scanner, a motor tester receives information from its sensors, and not from an ECU.

In the oscilloscope mode, the motor tester provides information about the adequate operation of the ECU sensors, the parameters of the control signals from the ECU to the actuators of the systems. It checks the parameters of the ignition system circuits, etc.

How to operate vas 6154?

In the tester mode, it diagnoses the correct operation of various components of the engine systems. For example, a change in pressure in an engine cylinder, a drop in speed when a cylinder is turned off, a vacuum in the intake manifold testing for starting current, etc.

Additional options include non-electrical test functions such as fluid temperature, oil pressure and fuel pressure. The function carries out using special sensors that convert non-electrical parameters into electrical signals.


The main function of the vas 6154 device is to change the readings of speedometers. In addition to changing existing data, the device can use as a programmer. For example, when changing tires from a smaller size to a larger one, changes to the ECU require eliminating the speedometer error.

Many correctors equip with a set of additional functions and are easy to use as testers and programmers for other vehicle systems.


Immobilizers design to prevent car theft, but they are not guaranty against failures in their operation, loss of keys by the owners, errors in the operation of key fobs, etc. This type of vas 6154 device intend for reading information, deleting errors and reprogramming.


  1. Obtaining information about the system, engine and vehicle (passport data): vehicle identification number (VIN), controller software version and number, software preparation date, type of engine and control system, spare parts order number.


The controller transmits a table of values ​​of the current operating parameters, and the tester displays them on the display. Values ​ display in physical terms or as graphs of change over time.
vas 6154

 A typical set of parameters is as follows: coolant temperature, on-board network voltage, crankshaft rotation speed, throttle position, engine air mass, ignition timing, air-fuel ratio control parameters, and idle speed control parameters.

In addition to the vas 6154 parameter values, the tester can receive from the controller the voltage values ​​of the signals from the sensors.

By analyzing the values ​​of the current parameters, it is possible to detect malfunctions in the system operation, which are not determined by the self-diagnostic functions.

For example, the throttle position is 5%, and the accelerator pedal is fully release - in this case, either the throttle position sensor is faulty, or the problem is in the mechanical part.

3. Information from the controller's memory about malfunctions.

Each system malfunction is encoded according to the international standard with a five-character code. The first letter "P" indicates that the error is related to the engine management system.

 The next character "0" indicates that this error define by the standard. For errors not included in the standard, but define by the manufacturer, this symbol will be "1" or "3". The following character combination "12" indicates the throttle position sensor. The last character of vas 6154 indicates the type of error, in our case "2" is a low signal level from the sensor.

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