How Does Digi-Master Iii Work? 7 Unbelievable Facts


Digi-Master Iii
What is automotive scanner?

When the car presents a problem in the mechanic. The most common thing is to go to an experienced mechanic to open the engine. Discover what the fault is and what needs to solve it. However, there are other types of faults that are more complex. Since they cannot discover so easily just by checking the internal mechanism of the vehicle, and for that there is the Digi-master iii.

It is a tool that is used to obtain an accurate diagnosis of the electronic faults of a car. Those that record in the vehicle's computer and that the mechanic cannot discover on his own.

Therefore, if you are thinking of buying a used car or if you perceive that there is a problem in the electrical part of your car. You will need to request this service to examine it and find out what is happening.

How does the automotive scanner work?

What the automotive scanner does is, as its name says. It scans the possible faults that register in the car's computer. Thanks to Digi-master iii located in various parts of the vehicle.

In this way, just by connecting it to the computer, it allows you to obtain a diagnosis of exactly where the problem is and what needs to fix it. Subsequently, this tool is responsible for erasing the computer error.

The device has succeeded in simplifying the work of mechanics. In the past, had to check manually and test the various possibilities through trial and error, which required much more time and resources.

Today, thanks to the automotive scanner. You can easily check the fundamental aspects of your car, such as: 

  • Battery voltage. 
  • Oxygen sensor status.
  • ABS brake cables.
  • Accessories: lights, radio, windows with electrical system.
  • Air conditioning. 

Currently, almost all well-equipped mechanical workshops have this reading system. Since they provide very valuable information for the repair of faults suffered by motorists. 

Errors appear in Digi-master iii in the form of a code

These errors appear in the form of a code after the scan, but depending on the device model. Some include a short description of the problem. In other cases, the list of error codes can be found on the internet. 

Since automotive diagnosis ceased to be empirical and became a more sophisticated process. It can carry out with the help of new technology. The common mechanic has seen the need to acquire more and more advanced diagnostic tools. One of them is the automotive scanner. There is currently a great variety of which, regardless of their brand, present the same procedure when diagnosing vehicles.    

Automotive Diagnostics with Digi-master iii    

There are a series of basic steps when carrying out the diagnosis. In order to do so it is necessary to have Digi-master iii on the vehicle to scan, such as the origin of the vehicle's manufacture, brand, model and even the engine reference or the PCM (power control module) of the car.

The ignition switch must be fully open

 Digi-Master Iii

The technician in charge of carrying out the diagnosis must take into account that in order to carry out a scan with the acquired diagnostic tool. The main rule must be that the ignition switch must be fully open. Let us remember that an ignition switch or as it is known in the automotive field "switch". It has several sequences or stations which are the following: accessories, on, and start.

When we open the Digi-master iii in the accessories option and as its name indicates. We are feeding the electrical part corresponding to lights, radio, electric windows, etc. But if we are going to carry out the diagnosis through an automotive scanner. We will find a communication error since we are not yet feeding the module that we want to diagnose.

When we open the switch and leave it in the ON position. In addition to powering the accessories part, we are also powering the modules or computers that the vehicle has, which through our Digi-master iii we will be able to access and later diagnose.

Identify the origin of the vehicle brand

We have to identify the origin of the vehicle brand, that is, if we have a Renault brand vehicle. We are going to enter it through Europeans, since this brand headquarter is in France. Another example that we find at the time of diagnosing is in the Hyundai whose headquarters are in South Korea, therefore we are going to enter through the Asian option.

After having power and having defined the origin of the brand, we are going to choose the reference of the example vehicle: European, Renault, Symbol. Another example would be Asia, Hyundai, Accent. Once the vehicle reference has determined, we are going to enter its model.

As can be seen, for automotive diagnosis by means of a Digi-master iii, the procedures regardless of the make of the vehicle are very similar, in summary and to finish the basic steps to enter a scanner to diagnose a vehicle are: ignition switch in the ON position , origin of the manufacturer, vehicle brand, vehicle model, engine displacement, fuel type, system to diagnose.

A scanning tool for all the electrical components of the car

The automotive scanner is a scanning tool for all the electrical components of the car. It also detects electrical faults that may occur in the on-board computer thanks to the action of sensors that record operating errors by means of a pattern or code.

The purpose of the scanner as an automotive exploration tool is to narrow down the errors and proceed to repair them. When these faults cannot correct, it is usually due to mechanical problems with the car.

Why is an automotive Digi-master iii necessary?

The information emitted by the automotive scanner allows to identify the electrical problems of the car in time, and can also be useful to decide on the purchase of a used vehicle.

Although you should always have a mechanic's evaluation, this "electrical x-ray" makes it easier to detect problems, such as damage to a sensor. Another of its advantages is to show the engine speeds, the state of the battery voltage and the ABS brake cables. It also allows adjustments in fuel consumption.

How does this scan tool work?

The electrical equipment is connected to the car through a connector called "On-Board Diagnostics" (OBD). This Digi-master iii evaluates the operation of the entire computer system, issuing data on the box, the brake systems, the air conditioning and the general operation of the engine.

Before connecting the scanner, the engine must be off. Then the key must be inserted without starting the engine. Some devices require information about the car identification number, model and engine type.

Once the menu is accessed, the completion of the first stage is expected, and then the "Error code" option is selected.

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