Led bdm Frame: Ultimate Guide for Beginners


Led bdm Frame
What can this device do? How can I use it? We will answer these and other questions in the following paragraphs, so stay tuned!

The basic functions of a diagnostic device

With a led bdm frame diagnostic device, no matter what kind, you can put your car through its paces. Of course, it depends on the device or the type of diagnostic device, how convenient it is and what else you can do.

Vehicle diagnosis is primarily about reading out the so-called error codes. Error codes are generated during operation if something doesn't work quite as it should. These can be very small insignificant things or real problems. Most trouble codes are standardized and common to all vehicles... while others are manufacturer specific.

Which diagnostic device you use for diagnose?

It depends on which diagnostic device you use, it can happen that only the general codes are understood. A diagnostic device not only reads the codes, but also displays their meaning in plain text like led bdm frame because no one can do anything with the encrypted error codes ... you really need a description.

Now it depends again on the diagnostic device. How well can it analyze and interpret the individual codes. 95% of the error codes are completely uninteresting.  A particularly successful example of this is the app from Carly.

Good diagnostic device recognize and highlight the crucial codes

 On the one hand, there is the app for different vehicle types and thus the special codes are all recognized and on the other hand, the result is displayed in the form of "vehicle health". After interpreting the data, either a red traffic light, an orange traffic light, or a green traffic light displays. Led bdm frame shows you immediately whether you are dealing with important error codes or not.

In addition to the pure error codes, other values ​​can call up. The most common are, for example, the engine load, the cooling water temperature, the fuel consumption, and the speed or location data.

The different types of diagnostic equipment

There are basically three different types of vehicle diagnostic tools:

  • External diagnostic devices
  • Software for the PC or laptop
  • Apps on the smartphone

What they all have in common is that they usually read out the error memory in the vehicle and display the error codes. Error codes generate and recorded for every irregularity in the vehicle. Most of these are perfectly "safe" and negligible like led bdm frame, while others can indicate serious problems.

Otherwise, there are huge differences between the three types of diagnostic equipment:

1st: External diagnostic devices

These are stand-alone devices of various sizes and designs. They can be very compact devices that have a very small screen and very few functions and are available from 10 euros.

External diagnostic devices have the disadvantage that they always have to be carried separately and in most cases “only” vehicle diagnostic functions are available. Led bdm frame is a very simple device that connects to the adapter via cable, all others via Bluetooth or WLAN.

2. Software for the PC or laptop

In order to be able to carry out a diagnosis, software must be installed on the PC or laptop. In addition, of course, you have to take the computer with you to the vehicle. In many cases there is a connection with the OBD2 adapter via cable, which is of course very impractical.

 Led bdm Frame

 Not to mention the fact that you always have to "lug around" you’re PC/laptop. The biggest disadvantage, however, is the rapid "aging" of the software. You are never up to date and updates often cost a lot of money.

3. Apps for the smartphone

That's just the state of the art these days. There is no easier way to carry out a vehicle diagnosis. You install a corresponding app on your smartphone, connect the led bdm frame to the vehicle and off you go.

An app is easy to use, it is always up to date and in most cases it has a variety of other functionalities. Since you practically always have your mobile phone with you anyway, you can always carry out a diagnosis whenever you want and you don't have to dig out external devices first or even have to have your laptop with you.

The app market is unmanageable

From the editorial point of view, led bdm frame are the true future. They are intuitive to use, they are always up to date, you always have them with you and in many cases apps have many other useful functionalities.

Diagnostic apps are a dime a dozen. It's not that easy to keep track of things and find the right app. For example, if you enter the term “vehicle diagnosis” in Google Play, you will get over 250 results. It is similar in the Apple Store. To make your decision easier, we did a little test and would like to introduce you to our three favourites:

OBD Mary – OBD2 car scanner

In addition to diagnosing and cleaning the error codes, this led bdm frame can also play live parameters. So you can take a look at the current engine speed, the air speed or the coolant temperature while driving.

 In addition, the app acts like its own on-board computer with information on driving time, fuel consumption, and average speed and fuel costs. A pretty graphic implementation completes the picture.

OBD2 Scanner Bluetooth/WiFi

First of all, the led bdm frame is a good diagnostic tool that can call up and display all OBD2 data. But it can access real-time data just like our 3rd place. Furthermore, the app can display and partially save various parameters. GPS is also supported. A special feature is the "economizer" with which you can optimize your fuel consumption.

In 1st place: Carly OBD2 Scanner: Car Diagnosis and Coding

The range of functions and the price-performance ratio are unparalleled. The vehicle diagnosis is really only a very small part of this app.

In addition, the led bdm frame can display live data, monitor maintenance, recognize manipulated odometer readings (e.g. when buying a used car) and even code (i.e. make hundreds of settings on the vehicle to make it more individual). Towards the end of this article we will go into more detail about the individual functions of the Device.

Background knowledge about led bdm frame

Up to 100 control units in the vehicle regulate all systems. Fixed parameters are stored in the control units, within the framework of which the connected systems should function. If the systems deviate from these values ​​during operation, corresponding error codes or DTC (Data Trouble Code) generate and saved.

A distinction is made between standardized error codes and those that are manufacturer-specific. All error codes consist of 5 digits.

In the first place you can see the main area in which the error occurred:

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