22pcs bdm frame: Ultimate Guide for Beginners


22pcs bdm frame
Up until the 80s in America and 2001 in Europe, practically every manufacturer had its own standard for communication between external devices and its vehicles.  As a result, every independent workshop also had to have a large number of devices, connection cables and software on hand in order to be able to connect to vehicles from different manufacturers. The OBD 22pcs bdm frame standard develops in the USA in the 1980s.

OBD is extremely reliable and flexible

First of all, the on-board diagnosis should only monitor systems that have to do with exhaust gas values. This includes, for example, the function of the lambda probe, the efficiency of the catalytic converter or combustion misfires.

 In this way, the driver should inform of environmentally harmful effects at an early stage. So that he could react accordingly. The exact definition of the standard in Europe can be found in the SAE J2012 standard or ISO standard 15031-6.

22pcs bdm frame proves to be extremely reliable and flexible, and its other benefits quickly recognize. Namely the entire communication is between vehicles of all kinds and external devices. As a result, OBD became mandatory for all vehicles (in Europe from 2001).

What is the structure of OBD2 adapter?

In order for a connection to establish, an appropriate adapter and, of course, a suitable socket (socket) in the vehicle requires. The location of the socket in the vehicle varies depending on the manufacturer. The structure, on the other hand, is universal.

The 22pcs bdm frame has 16 pins, seven of which reserve for manufacturer-specific tasks. The remaining nine pins have very specific functions that we won't go into detail here. A connection can be made between the external diagnostic device and the adapter via WLAN, Bluetooth or, in rare cases, via cable.

Bdm frame ensures high-speed communication

A 22pcs bdm frame install in each adapter. This takes over the calculation work and the translation of the external commands into the language of the vehicle. The decisive factor here is that the chip can process so-call CAN protocols.  Thus, it ensures high-speed communication between the components.

The best way to imagine the whole thing is as a kind of universal interpreter. The various external devices speak different languages ​​– as does the vehicle. The 22pcs bdm frame translates the commands in both directions.

 Therefore it is also important to use a good adapter and not a cheap product. In these, counterfeit ELM 327 chips process, which can quickly lead to errors. a lousy interpreter, does not always translate everything correctly.

Control units in the vehicle

Every system in a vehicle controls a control unit that specializes for that system. One control unit is responsible for the central locking, one for the engine and another for the automatic air conditioning, etc.

 This means that there are quickly 50 to 100 control units per vehicle. 22pcs bdm frame has standard parameters within which the systems should work store in each control unit. If there are any discrepancies, an error code generates on the one hand and the control unit tries to restore the control status on the other.

During a vehicle diagnosis, these error codes read out and analyze. All internal communication takes place via a data superhighway. 

How controller Area Network works?

CAN stand for C controller Area Network – this is the previously mentioned data superhighway in the vehicle. It operates with buses and can be up to several kilometers long. The buses constantly drive back and forth in the network and pick up data packets. If available – and transport them to the specify location, usually to a control unit.
22pcs bdm frame

If a specific request is now made via the diagnostic device, for example about the status of the fuel injection. The data first transmits to the 22pcs bdm frame. Here the ELM 327 chip translates the request into the language of the vehicle. The corresponding data packet with the request is sent to the petrol injection control unit via data bus.

Lexia3 chips translates the request

The control unit in turn “answers the query” with the desire information and a data packet is sent back by bus on its journey to the 22pcs bdm frame interface with the adapter.


 The chip translates and sends the information to the diagnostic tool, where the result displays. These buses travel so fast. works so fast that you almost don't notice a delay.  

OBD3 is in preparation

The USA is currently working on the 22pcs bdm frame standard. This goes far beyond the possibilities of OBD2. The original purpose, namely the monitoring of exhaust-relevant systems, is brought to perfection here. So far, the driver has informs of errors, increases exhaust gas values ​​or problems with the lambda probe, but nothing more.

If the driver decides not to do anything about it, the CO² values ​​remain elevates, for example. This will no longer be possible with OBD3.

 Since a SIM card installs in every vehicle today, this uses to automatically forward the grievances with the exhaust gas values ​​to an authority. If the driver does not act within a specify period of time, there is a risk of fines.

To our test winner

As already announce, we would like to introduce you to the most important functions and possibilities of the 22pcs bdm frame in detail. The Bdm frame already beats the competition by far in the area of ​​diagnostics. Many show you the error codes with explanations, but nothing more.

You then have to try to find out for yourself which errors are important and which ones can neglect. Of course, this is not so easy for the layman. As already mention, the 22pcs bdm frame shows you exactly how your car is doing via the “Vehicle Health” function, so that, you can easily understand it.

Conclusion 22pcs bdm frame

As with many other apps, Carly can show you a lot of data in real time - almost like an on-board computer. During operation, you receive live data on, for example, turbo pressure, fuel consumption or engine speed.

However, the two highlights of the 22pcs bdm frame include coding and the use car check. The latter is even completely unique on the entire market. But let's start with the coding. Coding is the setting of personally prefer options.

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