What Is the JDIAG M100 Moto Scanner Used For?


JDIAG M100 Moto Scanner
What is vehicle scanning?

The possibility of scanning a vehicle is currently within the reach of almost any authorized mechanical workshop. It is possible with JDIAG m100 moto scanner:

  • A diagnostic program.
  • The electronic equipment that can be a cell phone or computer.
  • The diagnostic cable that connects the computer to the car through the self-diagnosis jack.

However, it was not always so. Let us remember that computerized systems develop to minimize the emission of combustion gases into the atmosphere. In the beginning, each manufacturer had its own diagnostic protocol. In this way, if any user had a problem, they necessarily had to go to the brand's dealer.

Starting in 1996, a universal protocol called OBD II (On Board Diagnostic Systems). In addition, an alarm light incorporates into the dashboard that, when turned on, JDIAG m100 moto scanner indicates a problem in the vehicle and the 16-pin self-diagnosis card.

Thus, multi-brand scanners began to manufacture and users were once again able to choose the workshop of their choice. Currently almost any workshop can carry out computerized diagnosis.

Different models of scanners of several brands

There are different models of scanners but most of them incorporate the variables of several brands, some even up to 20 brands. The scanner gives the possibility to enter the different systems under control such as engine electronics. For example, passenger compartment protection, air bag systems, brakes, anti-start alarms, and so we could continue analyzing all the systems.

It is interesting to know that it is not just a matter of connecting a cable and that's it. The program or JDIAG m100 moto scanner screen displays a number of data, acronyms, abbreviations and codes.

The mechanical technician must be able to interpret, as well as correctly enter the vehicle data so that the diagnosis can carry out.

What is the use of scanning a vehicle?

Until now, if we ask ourselves what is the use of scanning a vehicle, it seems that the only use of scanning the vehicle is to find possible faults. It is not little but… it is not the only thing.

For example, if we are buying a used car, scanning the vehicle can help us to know if any of the vehicle's devices have altered.

Why JDIAG m100 moto scanner is very useful?

In these cases, the “live” data scanner is very useful. In fact, the first information from this type of scanner is whether the dash light is on or off. It is not a minor fact: many times, this device removes so that the future buyer does not know if there are faults or not in the vehicle.

Parameters must control and compare with the engine on and off since the information complement.

Furthermore, the data must be consistent with reality; For example, if the car stops, the speed sensor should indicate 0Km/h.

A very frequent problem is that the speedometer needle sticks or does not work. Therefore, the speed test must carry out with the JDIAG m100 moto scanner, to know if the problem is with the vehicle or only with the sensor or the dashboard.

What does not appear when scanning a vehicle?

 JDIAG M100 Moto Scanner

Beyond the benefits of the vehicle scan, it is interesting to know that there are at least four types of faults that the scanner cannot always register.

It is that the scanner only identifies faults in the electronic part of the vehicle, that is, the errors that encode and that the device's memory can record and save.

Detects Faults with JDIAG m100 moto scanner

Faults in mechanical systems that work independently, for example in suspension, cannot detect by the JDIAG m100 moto scanner. Neither are pure electronic failures, such as low voltage or fuel pump pressure. In the case of buying a used vehicle, depending on the vehicle's computer, the scanner may not always detect an odometer tampering.

Therefore, the scanner should consider as a diagnostic tool from the time cars start to manage with computerized systems.

Mechanical technicians need to upgrade to be able to handle vehicle scanners. But they must also know that there are failures that only they, based on their knowledge, can detect.

Advantages of Scanning a vehicle

The advantage of using this JDIAG m100 moto scanner is to minimize, to a large extent, the vehicle repair time. Since incorrect diagnoses and wrong decision making avoid when changing any of the components.

In addition, with the same automotive scanner, basic electronic errors can directly correct and those that will take longer to execute can diagnose.

In this way, the device is capable of providing a quick response to what is affecting the vehicle. Facilitating both the mechanic's task and the car owner's experience.

Types of automotive JDIAG m100 moto scanner

In general, it is possible to distinguish two types of automotive scanner, which are the ones that appear below.


They use to diagnose vehicles from the year 1995 and earlier. As long as they have fuel injection systems that can control electronically.

The disadvantage of this modality, in progressive withdrawal, is that the diagnostic connectors were different from one brand to another. Therefore, when the ideal connector was not available, a wire was used to make contact.


It deals with cars from model years 1996 onwards. This system is much simpler than the previous one. Since the device must only connect to a universal connector located in the lower part of the dash, while the engine is off. Thus, after turning on the scanner, the engine starts and the fault codes obtain. 

Automotive JDIAG m100 moto scanner Features

In conclusion, the main functions that are specific to the automotive scanner are:

  • It has the ability to read the ECU identification and codes that manifest errors in the car's system.
  • It designs to clear such faulty codes.
  • In general terms, it allows obtaining a diagnosis of the general health of the vehicle.

The main function of the automotive scanner is to diagnose any possible fault that may be causing the car to malfunction. Find out more about how it works in the following article.

What is the automotive scanner used for?

The automotive JDIAG m100 moto scanner is a device whose main function is to diagnose any possible failure that may be causing a malfunction of the car. Specifically, in the electronic components.

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