5 Proven Methods to Check Car with xtool pad2


How to check a car: procedure

Every buyer of a new or common car needs a thorough inspection of the vehicle via xtool pad2 before purchasing it.

Checking the car before direct inspection

 xtool pad2

As you know, currently, the most popular way to find and buy a common car is through xtool pad2. The big advantage of this method is that you can get a lot of information about the car you like right before inspecting it. If you have decided on the model and make of the car, picked up several options you like, then we will try to figure out what information we can get from the ad itself.

Pay Attention to Reliable xtool pad2

It is worth paying attention to the number of owners of TCP. If you are considering buying a 3-5-year-old car, then of course it is better to check that there are no more than 1-2 owners. Of course, situations are different, but make you a reminder to be sure to ask the owner about it. In general, try to write down all controversial points during the study of the car, so that later they are easy to clarify.

What is the average annual mileage?

Nowadays, ads often write about the service history of the car, with which you can track the history of the run. Car mileage is a separate topic about which there is a lot of controversy. It is necessary to consider specific options separately.

 However, the average annual mileage of a car is approximately 20-25 thousand kilometers per year.

Communication with a car seller by phone

So, you have chosen the appropriate xtool pad2 and decided to make a call to the owner. Next, we will try to highlight the main questions that need to be asked. First, find out if the owner of the vehicle registered in the title. After that, clarify the information that indicates in the ad, and then ask the questions that you have when viewing the ad.

Verification of vehicle documents

After a telephone conversation and an agreement on the place and time of the vehicle inspection, it is advisable to prepare for this procedure. If you are not technically savvy and have minimal experience in using and maintaining a car, then it is better to use the services of a specialist or friend who understands this better than you.

The first thing to check when inspecting a car is the documents WITH xtool pad2. Ask the owner for the TCP and read it carefully. Check the exact number of owners; see if the engine or other body elements have changed. Check the seller's passport with the data specified in the TCP. Please note that there is no duplicate in front of you, which should be noted. If so, find out the reason for the duplicate issue.

Inspection of the condition of the car with xtool pad2

Having checked the availability of documents for the vehicle and the correctness of the data indicated in them, we proceed to the direct examination of the car body. At the beginning, you should pay attention to the glass of the car, their integrity and the year of manufacture, which should be the same on each of them.

Sometimes it happens that the owner, for some reason, replaced the windshield. In this case, check with the owner why the replacement appeared and ask for evidence. These can be photographs of broken or cracked glass, as well as documents confirming the implementation of these works.

Role of light and gauge to examine car body

After that, we inspect the car body. It should be noted right away that any checks must carry out in the daytime or in a well-lit parking lot, where it is possible to see all the flaws in the paintwork. When checking the body for possible body repairs, it is worth using a thickness gauge.

 xtool pad2 2021

When using the xtool pad2 it is necessary to pay attention that the thickness of the paintwork is within the tolerances on all elements of the body. Before measuring the thickness of the paint, check with the dealer if any parts of the car have been painted. Just because a car is between 5 and 10 years old and has minor paintwork on fenders, doors, or bumpers doesn't mean it's not worth buying.

How to inspect gaps of the car with xtool pad2?

 Carefully inspect all the gaps of the car body parts so that they are the same. Open the trunk, lift up the trim and inspect the interior for corrosion. Examine the thresholds of the car, especially in the places under the feet of the driver and passengers.

It is also advisable to use the services of a car service where there is a lift and inspect the condition of the car bottom. This procedure is best carried out simultaneously with the assessment of the technical condition.

Assessment of the technical condition of the car

It is better to check the technical condition of the car in a car service with the help of xtool pad2. Using a lift, it is possible to assess the condition of the car underbody and understand how the car was operated by the presence of corrosion deposits.

 In addition, the suspension, exhaust system, as well as oil and working fluids leakage are checked. An important point is computer diagnostics of a car.

How to check sensor’s working with xtool pad2?

It is also necessary to check the operability of all vehicle systems, such as air conditioning, wipers, lights, braking system, interior heating, etc. When turning on the ignition switch, carefully make sure that all the sensors on the panel are working.

Summary xtool pad2

As practice shows, checking a car before buying is a rather painstaking and lengthy process without xtool pad2. And the more carefully you treat it, the more likely you will protect yourself from an unsuccessful purchase, you will be able to reduce the price of the car, and also minimize problems with the further operation of the purchased car.

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