How to check car malfunctions with xtool pad2 pro?


The xtool pad2 pro is a common car inspection tool in many vehicles produced in the past 20 years or so. If this system works properly, it significantly reduces the likelihood of inspection of your vehicle. However, immobilizer problems can cause serious headaches.

Read on to understand how the xtool pad works and what symptoms to look out for in the event of a malfunction.

 xtool pad2 pro

How does xtool pad2 pro work?

 The xtool pad2 pro system (or car immobilizer) is an excellent electronic protection technology that mainly protects against car inspection. Scientific studies have shown that the number of car inspections has decreased by 40% since the introduction of immobilizers in cars.

If you have purchased a vehicle that has been manufactured in the past 20 years, you have probably already common this technology without even realizing it yourself. The car keys that dealers are now offering are mostly key fobs or smart keys. The base of such a key contains buttons for locking and unlocking the car doors, opening the trunk, and sometimes even remotely starting the engine.

How does a car xtool pad2 pro work?

A transponder chip is embedded inside the key fob. When you insert the key into the ignition or place the key fob inside the vehicle (for keyless key fobs), the built-in transponder chip sends a security code to the vehicle's xtool pad2 pro system.

If this security code matches the code in system, the engine will start. However, if you are using a key from another car, or it does not have a key fob or transponder, the car will not start. The security code is randomly generated each time the vehicle is started, and your key is the only source that can generate the correct code.

 What is the loss in case of chip damage?

The good news is that the electronic immobilization system is very good at preventing inspection of cars, and the key being stuck in the ignition is a thing of the past. However, if you lose your key fob, or if the transponder chip is not working, you will need a new key, which can be very expensive.

Five main symptoms of a malfunctioning xtool pad2 pro system

Like any electronic device, the xtool pad2 pro system can malfunction and create some problems for you. Below are the five most common signs that there is a problem with your vehicle's immobilizer system.

#1. Problems with blocking

You use the key to remotely lock your car doors, but they will not lock. Unfortunately, many modern cars do not have keyholes on the outside of the doors, so you cannot manually open them with a key.

The only way to lock doors without a working smart key or fob is to lock the open doors from the inside and then close them.

# 2. Problems with unlocking

You probably won't be able to open your car doors with a smart key if you couldn't lock them, as mentioned in the first paragraph. This means that if you have locked the doors from the inside and then closed them, you will not be able to return to the car because your key will not be able to open the doors and you will have to call a locksmith.

No. 3. The engine does not start check with xtool pad2 pro

A common problem with an xtool pad2 pro is that your car won't start at all. In addition to problems with locking mechanisms, this can be due to a number of different reasons, but if you are experiencing the aforementioned difficulties and cannot start the engine, then you clearly have a problem with either your immobilizer or the smart key itself.

No. 4. The ignition key does not rotate

If your key fob has a physical key that you must insert into the ignition and turn, but it has not moved, there may be a problem with the transponder chip inside the key fob base, i.e. for some reason it does not send a security code to the car immobilizer. This often happens due to water damage or due to chip breakage as a result of falling or breaking the key fob.

Before ordering a replacement key, make sure you are using the correct key fob for your vehicle. Just because your spouse drives a car of the same brand does not mean that her key fob will work in your car.

No. 5. Problems with car xtool pad2 pro alarms

 Since the xtool pad2 pro is the main safety feature of your car, this means that if the immobilizer is faulty, the alarm will also not work.


xtool pad2 pro 2021

 Many immobilizer problems are easy to fix by simply replacing the battery in the key fob. Transponder keys depend on a small battery that needs to transmit the security code to the vehicle immobilizer. Be careful when replacing the battery to avoid accidentally damaging the transponder chip.

How to check battery with xtool pad2 pro?

If you have replaced the battery and the key fob is still not working, there may be some damage to the transponder chip of the xtool pad2 pro. In this case, you will have to contact your local dealer and request a replacement key.

Such a replacement is not cheap, so be prepared to shell out a hundred or even several hundred dollars for a new key. Usually, the more expensive the car, the more it will cost to replace the key fob.

Check the Vehicle Intake

This problem is relevant for both types of engines - both gasoline and diesel. They are equally sensitive to the presence of "excess" air. Therefore, it is necessary to check the tightness of the intake if certain symptoms are there. This manifests by an electronics error, an increase in fuel consumption, constant engine overheating, tripping, and unstable idling.

Summary xtool pad2 pro

First you need to check the most vulnerable places - pipes and hoses, intake manifold gasket, idle speed regulator, throttle gasket, brake booster, absorber. After all, the tightness of xtool pad2 pro system inextricably links with the concept of "a well-working motor".

Therefore, the appearance of signs of malfunctions in one unit will disrupt the well-coordinated operation of the entire machine.

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