What is the function of xhorse vvdi bmw tool? Best Guide 2022


What is Xhorse VVDI?

 xhorse vvdi bmw tool

xhorse vvdi bmw tool is a professional locksmith key and programming tool use to solve the problems regarding customer’s car and keys. It also uses to detect problem with remotes and immobilizers in cars.

Functions of Xhorse VVDI

We can generate remote and smart key with Xhorse VVDI. We can also read and clone transponder chip. And use to generate special transponder and improves the reading & writing transponder chips. We can also use to recognize and copy the access card, generate and copy garage remote.

What are the main features in Xhorse VVDI?

  • We can get accurate result, quick identification and reliable performance
  • We can get multiple keys which are supported by it
  • Similarly, we can control it by xhorse vvdi app
  • We can connect this device with other devices via Bluetooth.
  • It has Anti-theft matching feature
  • Furthermore, it has the feature of maintenance reset
  • It has the feature of accessory replacement

Working of Xhorse VVDI

Connect xhorse vvdi bmw tool remote to Xhorse VVDI mobile app via Bluetooth. Select the vehicle remote from mobile app; make sure the wireless remote has battery inside it. Put a wireless remote in the detection coil and then click “generate” on mobile app.

Now go to transponder clone, click it. Then click the read transponder, now put original key into detection coil. Then we can see the transponder information. Here we can see transponder is closeable.    

Helps to locksmith technicians

This device helps the locksmith technician. It increases the performance of locksmith and improves his time and quality of service. Using this device, technician can aware them that he is capable of resolving complex issue of car key very quickly.

It is a new high tech. As technology is increasing day by day, so car key problems are also increasing. Then such type of device much helps technicians to solve these problems.

  • It has rich data base
  • It has copy access card
  • Furthermore, it has technical support
  • Similarly, it has transponder editing and cloning
  • It has frequency detection
  • It can generate remote

Xhorse vvdi bmw tool also used to diagnostic the problem of car. There are many special codes through which this device can tell you that which type of problem you facing i.e. engine problem battery problem or circuit problem.

Which sensors are there in xhorse vvdi bmw tool?

Xhorse vvdi bmw tool has sensors which are connects to your phone’s app. This device provides you accurate and quick information on all your car system. Furthermore, there will be clickable links of trouble codes which are appear on your phone. This link includes definition of problems which we are facing. Similarly, it reduces the hit and trial method of car technician.

What is OBD?

OBD stands for On-Board Diagnostic, which can simply be understood as a self-diagnostic system on the vehicle, which means that the engine ECU can detect in the system whether there is any damage or malfunction. Simply the engine system is not working well; the ECU will automatically set the error codes and save them in memory...

Automatic control model

Self-diagnosis is an advanced technology in the automotive industry. When automobile systems and structures operate with the participation of specialized computers (ECUs), the possibility of self-diagnosis is opened up favorably.

 People and cars can communicate with xhorse vvdi bmw tool via notification systems. As a result, malfunctions or symptoms of failure are reported in a timely manner without waiting for a routine diagnosis.

As such, the main purpose of self-diagnosis is to ensure that problems are prevented. On today's cars, it is possible to encounter self-diagnostic systems on most systems such as: ignition system, fuel supply system, engine, automatic transmission, brake system, suspension system. , air conditioning system…

Principle of self-diagnostic system of xhorse vvdi bmw tool

 xhorse vvdi bmw tool

 The principle of forming a self-diagnostic system is based on automatic control systems. On automatic control systems, there are basic components: signal measuring sensor, central controller, and actuator. These parts work according to the principle of closed circuit control (continuous).

The basic requirements of xhorse vvdi bmw tool include:

  1. sensor measuring instantaneous diagnostic parameter values,
  2. information processing and storage unit
  3. and notification signal generator.

Thus, from the two automatic control systems and the self-diagnostic system, we can combine the sensor, processor and information storage part with the ECU. The notification signal is set separately.

Automatic control system

The xhorse vvdi bmw tool is a vehicle self-diagnostic function provided by the ECU.


Based on the signals received from the sensors that detect the vehicle's condition, the ECU transmits the signals to the actuators optimally for the current condition.

How to check air pressure in tire via xhorse vvdi bmw tool?

When you have checked the tires of the car and found no signs of underinflated, you need to check that the tire pressure sensor is working correctly or not. Moreover, you can check it with xhorse vvdi bmw tool.

Although there are many different types of car tire pressure sensors, the following methods are usually very effective and can be applied to all types of sensors without much effort.

Use the tire pressure sensor reset button

With the tire pressure sensor available on the car, the reset button will normally be located under the steering wheel. How to reset the tire pressure sensor: First you put the key in and turn on the electrical system but do not start the car yet, then press the reset button for about 3 seconds and wait for the tire pressure sensor indicator light to flash and Drive for about 20-25 minutes for the sensor to re-measure the tire pressure.

Driving for short distances

When you wake up in the morning and go to work, suddenly the car tire pressure sensor gives a signal, but none of the tires are underinflated and it's close to work time, you just need to drive to work and go. Return, a job when being able to get to work on time and being able to check the pressure sensor.

The ECU receives signals from the sensors in the form of voltages. The xhorse vvdi bmw tool can then determine the status of the system by detecting the voltage changes of the signal. Similarly, it has been emitted from the sensor.


Therefore, the ECU regularly checks the input signals (voltages), then compares them with diagnostic values ​​stored in the memory of the ECU, and identifies any abnormal conditions.

Currently, there are many types of xhorse vvdi bmw tool, but the most common are two basic types: OBD I and OBD II.

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