WIFI Version VXDIAG VCX NANO: What is it?


Most of the everyday problems faced today have a series of vxdiag vcx nano tools. These are capable of offering a solution. As far as automotive problems are concerned, this would be no different.

Can you imagine having in the palm of your hand a device to detect possible faults in your car? This is already possible and can make life easier for drivers. Check out more details and app indications below.  

Technology at the service of drivers

We are living in modern times, in which almost all practical solutions are just a click away, including those concerning car mechanics.

This is done through access to the “car brain”, something that is very simple today. With a kit consisting of a portable decoder, a cell phone/tablet and a tools, it is now possible to communicate clearly with your vehicle.

vxdiag vcx nano to detect car problems

Through the dashboard, the driver can see when there is something wrong with the car. Recently, detecting exactly what the problem would be was only possible with the help of a trained professional.

Its work was done using a factory scanner, plugging it into the vxdiag vcx nano port in order to investigate what might be wrong with the vehicle's system.

The great advantage of the tools that we will cover in this article is precisely the possibility of finding out what is wrong in a practical and objective way, without even having to move your car from your garage.

The entry of “on-board diagnostics” exists in any vehicle manufactured in Brazil since 2010. Want to know more about it? Read on!

How does the vxdiag vcx nano work?

This gateway is capable of reading up to 5,000 mechanical, electrical and electronic information from automobiles.

Some of them refer to:

  • oxygen sensor
  • EGR system
  • Moreover, fuel system
  • electrical components
  • Similarly, electronic systems
  • catalyst efficiency
  • Furthermore, spontaneous combustion
  • evaporation and secondary air system
  • diagnostic information, fault codes, engine parameters
  • memory of faults and standardization of connections, among other aspects.  

The vxdiag vcx nano emit data that, once captured by the decoder, are sent to the cell phone. Through the device, it is possible to check information about what may not be working the way it should.

Person checking their vehicle for defects through an tools such as OBD II

This type of alert can be issued even before the panel broadcasts any warning.

In addition to being more accurate, the OBD II is faster than the car's own warning system. This is a great advantage. Similarly, it allows the vehicle owner to make the necessary decisions to prevent the problem from getting worse.

There are several types of decoders on the market. Their values ​​vary a lot, being possible to find models ranging from $ 20 to $ 2,400.  

To receive the data we're talking about, you need to download an app on your smartphone. Some of them are paid, others are free. Let's look at some of the more indicated below.

1 – vxdiag vcx nano Tools

This is one of the most complete tools on the market, with the possibility of providing information about your vehicle's conditions both by cell phone and schematized through Excel.

With the help of vxdiag vcx nano, it is possible to create spreadsheets and reports with expenses. These are relevant to fuel and other expenses (such as financing, taxes, insurance, fines, parking, etc.).

The tools issues alerts when there is a scheduled maintenance. And it offers the option to schedule other reminders as needed (expiration of property tax, insurance or driver's license and deadline for oil change, among others).

The app is free for Android and iOS systems, and offers the option of paying an annual fee of $3.50 to remove ads from the system.

2 –Pro vxdiag vcx nano

Let's talk now about one of the most popular apps for detecting automotive problems.

Torque Pro allows the visualization of vehicle activity in real time, and its main features are:

  • transmission temperature reading
  • CO2 emission indication
  • Moreover, speed timings
  • Similarly, database with all fault history
  • and speedometer, GPS and real-time compass

In addition, it allows the creation of a personalized dashboard. It comes with the user's profile can be used on tablets and has the ability to send registration information directly to e-mail.  

The app is available for smartphones with Android system. Despite its many features, it also has some disadvantages, such as the high consumption of the cell phone battery and incompatibility with some vehicle models.

Why do we need vxdiag vcx nano for automotive?

But despite what many people think, vxdiag vcx nano technology is not just about items and accessories deployed by automakers in their vehicle launches.

This theme, in fact, represents a whole set of innovations. It comes in the sector's processes to improve the performance of automobiles and bring more comfort to drivers.

And that ranges from adopting a unique innovation in cars — like the smart sunshade — to a new way of thinking about mobility — like autonomous vehicles.

As automotive technology is so important for bringing more safety, practicality and comfort in your daily life in traffic, it is very important to be aware of market news. Want to know what the main ones are? Follow our post and check it out!

4 – OBD Auto Doctor Pro

This app works as follows: when reading the data sent by your vxdiag vcx nano, the app reports all engine and car parameters in real time, such as speed, rotation angle, temperature, pressure, among other data.


One of the great attractions of the OBD Auto Doctor Pro is the ability to develop graphics with the data obtained, which can facilitate the visualization of the problem.

Other important features of the app are: real-time indication of vehicle speed, rotation angle, temperature and pressure; recording of parameters such as fuel economy; DTC (Diagnose Trouble Code) data storage and sharing.

Remember: no app replaces maintenance

As good and attractive as the tools mentioned in this article are, none of them are able to provide the real effectiveness of the review and preventive maintenance.

Mechanic checking engine oil using a tool

vxdiag vcx nano indicates to help the driver understand his vehicle and be able to identify when a problem arises. Similarly, nothing replaces the performance of your trusted mechanic.

Do not forget that keeping the vehicle in a good state of repair for traffic is essential for its safety and required by law in art.

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