How to operate xhorse vvdi key tool? Best Guide


Used cars move a significant portion of the automotive market in World. Not a few drivers prefer a full-featured used car to a more basic brand new car. One of the most important criteria when buying a used car is to check using xhorse vvdi key tool. The higher the count, the more likely the car will need maintenance more often.

What is a vvdi key tool?

The vvdi key tool is a system for counting the distance traveled by the vehicle throughout its existence. Located on the car's dashboard, next to the speedometer, it will indicate the number of kilometers covered by the vehicle. It can be analog or digital; it will depend on the age and model of the car.

 xhorse vvdi key tool

Analogs are small works of art in mechanical engineering, with their small-sized pawls and gears, while digital ones are powered by electronic components that do the same job. But without that nostalgic air that comes with looking at the count numbers. Analog xhorse vvdi key tool is in extinction and increasingly this tool is being integrated into car electronics.

How to operate xhorse vvdi key tool?

Your job only needs to do are enter the full information such as: Car Company, production year, vehicle name. Then press confirmation (submit). In just a few seconds a diagram and image of the location of Public OBDII on your car will show out the most completely complete.

Connect xhorse vvdi key tool Bluetooth with your phone.

After you have plugged the xhorse vvdi key tool port with your car, the next job is to connect them to your phone, this is quite simple.

You only need to install on the phone, turn on the Bluetooth function to detect the device. After the device identifies each other, please pair them.

What is device tampering?

In addition to the option for a digital and integrated service, the mechanical vvdi key tool is retired thanks to the possibility of tampering with the device. Many shop owners and owners cheated car buyers. They change the kilometer count using a tool to reverse the numbers shown.

Another tactic used by some scammers was the same used in the comedy movie "Dude, where's my car?" in which drivers drive in reverse to return mileage to the “ideal” point. Despite being laborious, the procedure works and this was one more reason to accelerate the retirement of analog xhorse vvdi key tool.

Are digital meters can be tempered?

Digital meters can also be tampered with, although it takes a much more technical effort and knowledge to carry out this type of fraud. If you suspect the indicated mileage, ask for the central module of the car to be scanned. This scan detects the actual running of each vehicle and indicates if there is a difference between the display and the central module.

Is the end of the vvdi key tool near?

Technology is revolutionizing the way we count car mileage. If before it was necessary to keep an eye on the numbers of the analog xhorse vvdi key tool, today it is possible to estimate the distance covered without the presence of a counter. A connected GPS is enough to know the mileage traveled on a route.

The popularization of this type of service may accelerate the meter's retirement, but the cost-benefit and accuracy of the traditional device still make it an indispensable item in most models. Don't forget, the vvdi key tool is the best indicator of the car's condition, after all, the more it runs, the greater the chances that the car will suffer from the natural wear and tear of time and use.

Pay attention to mandatory items

A good way to eliminate doubts about what fails in the vehicle inspection is to check the items evaluated during this procedure. With that in mind, we've listed some of them, such as:

  • Horn;
  • inside and outside rearview mirrors;
  • white and yellow headlights;
  • flashlights;
  • windshield wiper;
  • reverse flashlight;

See what fails the vehicle inspection

No matter how perfectionist the owner is, the risk of having a problem with the car is always present. To reduce the possibility of failure in the inspection, the driver must prevent the vehicles from being lowered or having any defect related to the integrity of the suspension and must use xhorse vvdi key tool.

 xhorse vvdi key tool 2021

It is also worth paying special attention to the tires, as it is essential that they are properly maintained and with a width that does not exceed the body. Another precaution is with the windows, which cannot be broken or cracked. If you have an armored car, it is essential that this feature is specified in the documentation.

How to check engine and chassis numbers with xhorse vvdi key tool?

The shield must not show, under any circumstances, visible wear, such as air bubbles. With regard to glass that has a protective film, the inspection verifies whether this item is following the rules of the Traffic Code — reflective films are not allowed.

It also disapproves of the fact that the chassis and engine numbers are illegible, and ideally there is no erasure or evidence of tampering on these items. Identification tags and engravings on the windows are other items analyzed by xhorse vvdi key tool in the inspection and, in case of divergence or irregularity; they will be subject to disapproval.

What conditions are necessary for the car to pass the inspection?

We have prepared some simple tips to make this process happen without any problems. Check out:

  • keep the tires in good condition
  • ensure that the flashlights, headlights and beacons are in perfect working order;
  • only leave the protective film on the car windows if it complies with the guidelines of the Traffic Code;
  • keep doors and windshield wipers running smoothly;
  • make sure the safety glass has no cracks;

Benefit of xhorse vvdi key tool

If you pay attention to all these items and use, you can be sure that the chances of the inspection being successful will be much greater. And, if you are planning to make any kind of change to the car's characteristics, get authorization from xhorse vvdi key tool, before making the change.

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