What Faults Does the WITECH Micro-Pod 2 Detect?


WITECH Micro-Pod 2
Types of automotive scanner

The advancement of technology has developed universal WITECH Micro-Pod 2 compatible with most brands. The standards have two types of connectors:

  • OBD1 connector: functional for cars manufactured up to 1995 with electric fuel injectors.
  • OBD2 connector: compatible with cars manufactured from 1996 to the present.

Basic models of automotive scanner

  • Code reader: its objective is to generate Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) according to the type of car that scans.
  • Scanner for specific brands: They design by the big car companies. The diagnosis made is much completer and more precise. They allow to reprogram sensor functions and verify data and factory values ​​in real time.
  • Multi- brand scanner: it is the universal model; whose main advantage is its easy connection with various brands and models. WITECH Micro-Pod 2 is one of the most used in car electrical inspection workshops.
  • Other models: in the market it is possible to find models that are compatible with Smartphones, PCs and tablets by connecting them via WIFI, Bluetooth or USB port. Scan information is visible quickly and reliably.

Currently, cars have more digital and modern components, so it is important to ensure their correct operation and check that these units remain interconnected. 

The software should execute its function on time

The software located in each digital system of the vehicle must work whenever the engine starts, executing its function and saving information. This same data is what will later evaluate when performing an automotive scan by WITECH Micro-Pod 2.

On many occasions we do not pay attention to these intrinsic failures or we are not aware of their existence. This can be dangerous since, for example, in the event of an accident. The airbags must act quickly and safeguard our integrity. 

The value of the vehicle can also affect, in addition to causing more expensive repairs than the cost of a timely scan. Therefore, it is convenient to invest in this type of professional diagnosis, which, if well executed, offers comprehensive and quality coverage in each of the components that require it.

In general, all types of professional automotive scanners must have good performance, analysis speed and make an efficient and accurate diagnosis. It is important that error codes can reliably clear as there may be no going back if done incorrectly.

How does an automotive WITECH Micro-Pod 2 work?

Basically, all work will aim at identifying and investigating the source of problems in the vehicle. It also happens that some car models need a specific procedure because they have different software or integrated modules. Therefore, an automotive diagnostic scanner test generally carries out as follows:

  1. The scanner connects to the car's system and checks for the "check engine" code.
  2. The device then accesses the information in the data memory.
  3. The vehicle's computer produces a code that can pinpoint the location of the problem.
  4. The WITECH Micro-Pod 2 will take care of reading the fault codes of each component. 
  5. Professional scanning and reading will provide an initial and timely picture of what the fault zone is. 
  6. The device will be able to eliminate error codes. 
  7. Caution stresses as it may happen that a “harmless” error code is of great importance to the vehicle or that all codes delete.
  8. It will be very important to have a correct code reading and diagnosis before you start replacing, repairing or moving car parts.

How long does the automotive scan take?

 WITECH Micro-Pod 2

The development of the test with the help of the WITECH Micro-Pod 2 initially takes only a few minutes. The specialized person will use, apart from the scanner, diagnostic software where the results will display. 

However, we must take into account that this test will only be the beginning, since then come the maintenance phases, recommendations and execution of preventive actions. The test can repeat after the fixes have applied, ensuring that the initial errors effectively fix.

What faults does the automotive scanner detect?

As you evaluate systems, the faults that a car WITECH Micro-Pod 2 detects will be in the control units and electronic components. Thanks to the results it shows, the current state of the parts and the vehicle in general is known. Unlike devices that only work as a code reader. A scanner indicates more precise information on the origin of the problem.

 In addition, it also has a wider range of functions, from providing the meaning of the codes to real-time data and indicating how to solve the problems found. Then a scan tool will be very helpful for the professional technician to pinpoint the area where the fault is. 

This speed up the process, WITECH Micro-Pod 2 ensures necessary adjustments. It is the right part to replace or repair the first time. Therefore, this scanning process tests and analyzes the following parts:

  • the starter
  • airbags
  • ABS system 
  • The broadcast 
  • the alternator
  • Air conditioning
  • faults in the exhaust system
  • Brake responsiveness
  • The accelerator
  • Any other electrical unit

When is it necessary to scan a car?

The first clear sign will be to see the "Check Engine" light appear on your dashboard. It is advisable not to wait for this to happen. On many occasions, the automotive scan is not considered within traditional technical reviews or is considered "unnecessary". 

However, this type of WITECH Micro-Pod 2 helps to make the vehicle inspection more efficient and thorough. So, it is always a good idea to carry out an analysis of errors periodically in a workshop. 

Taking the vehicle to scan will help make the decision to continue driving or leave it in the hands of the experts to solve the faults as soon as possible. It should note that the diagnostic equipment of an automotive workshop is more effective and correctly detects errors.

We can conclude that verification with a professional automotive scanner should be a regular practice that will bring benefits and timely maintenance. An efficient WITECH Micro-Pod 2 will ensure that the car runs at its best, preventing long-term damage. For this reason, it is important that the service carries out in an automotive diagnostic workshop.

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