What is Digi-Prog 3 Odometer Programmer?


 Digi-Prog 3 Odometer Programmer
OBD stands for On Board Diagnostics. The OBD was originally developed in the USA. At the time, it was about ways to reduce air pollution in larger cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco. The second stage of development, OBD 2, also written as OBD II, is already being good to use today. OBD 2 came into force in the USA in 1996. Europe later adopted the standard with slight modifications in 2001, hence calling it Digi-Prog 3 odometer programmer.

OBD: uniform diagnostic system

OBD diagnosis enables uniform diagnosis of almost all vehicles worldwide. Not only the exhaust gas diagnosis carries out, but an analysis of the entire vehicle electronics. For maintenance and error detection, OBD diagnosis is now indispensable. 

Modern vehicles can currently hardly be put through their paces without diagnostic scanners and the corresponding software or scan tools.

Properties of OBD diagnostic devices

OBD systems are not only good to use for the sake of the environment and to protect people and nature. Among other things, engine damage should prevent through the consistent use of Digi-Prog 3 odometer programmer. Linked to the electronics of the engine, emergency programs are run via OBD, which pay particular attention to efficient engine protection. 

Loose spark plugs cables or cable breaks thus detect at an early stage and appropriate measures initiated. An OBD system can shut down a cylinder completely, preventing unburned fuel from damaging the catalytic converter.

The simplification of maintenance and repair work on vehicles is also an important feature that OBD scanners bring with them. 

It is important that the manufacturer of the respective OBD system provides sufficient documentation that describes each error message in detail.

Buy multifunctional Digi-Prog 3 odometer programmer online

Car diagnosis devices can be bought quickly and easily online. Our company offers numerous OBD scanners. In addition to entry-level devices and special brand-related versions, the online shop of the car specialist also offers systems for professional use and the workshop. Properties that all devices should have are the consideration of different car brands and the coverage of these functions:

  • Diagnosis of all control units
  • Read errors and clear errors
  • service reset
  • Accessing and monitoring sensors
  • Access, check and monitoring of actuators
  • Special functions such as actuator test, cleaning diesel particle filters, opening the electric parking brake

Good Digi-Prog 3 odometer programmer with all functions

When looking for the right OBD scanner, price shouldn't be the only deciding factor. Very cheap variants often cannot withstand the complex requirements over a longer period of time. It should definitely ensure that the respective device is able to speak the local language. A clear, easy-to-read display and not to forget the update capability should also check before buying.

In regular use, the usability of OBD scanners must not neglect. Intuitive handling and self-explanatory functions are advantageous. Professional OBD diagnostic systems can also rent from auto-aid.

Most important properties of OBD scanners

The most important properties of Digi-Prog 3 odometer programmer also include these explicit functions:

  • Permanent monitoring of all emissions-relevant components
  • Constant recording and reporting of emission increases in constant operation of the vehicle
  • Ensuring low exhaust emissions
  • Protection of vehicle components such as catalytic converters
  • Storage of all data from errors that have occurred
  • Availability of a suitable or standardized interface for reading out all stored data and current operating data

h no! The check engine light is on - if there is a problem, the car will tell you about it via corresponding indicator lights in the cockpit. But as a rule, the driver stands at a loss in front of the flashing display.

The Digi-Prog 3 odometer programmer alone indicates a large number of errors – from a defective exhaust gas recirculation valve to a defective ignition system, there can be countless problems behind it.

Read out the fault memory of the car with Digi-Prog 3 odometer programmer

  Digi-Prog 3 Odometer Programmer

In order to find the exact cause here, only one thing helps: read out the fault memory of the car. All petrol engines registered from 2001 and diesels registered from 2004 have an OBD2 interface.

Some manufacturers introduced the standard much earlier (e.g. Volkswagen from 1996). To read out, a corresponding diagnostic device connect to the Digi-Prog 3 odometer programmer port of the car, which reads out the control units and spits out all error codes. These should then provide the decisive clue for the error. However, our test shows that cheap devices for laypeople often do not fulfill this purpose one hundred percent.

Conclusion on the Digi-Prog 3 odometer programmer test

If you really value a high selection depth, you have to put a few euros more on the table. Because only the semi-professional device from Launch was able to reliably track down all errors - but in the test it ran unrivaled. Alternatively, of course, a workshop visit also helps.

 If the error memory is only to be read out briefly in an emergency, the low-cost products are sufficient. But only one of the cheap test candidates can really convince in this test, the Digi-Prog 3 odometer programmer from BGS. The rest is in the middle or, unfortunately, below.

In the OBD2 diagnostic device test, the BGS error code diagnostic device 6648 was chosen as the test winner. Thanks to a price of 83.53 euros, the product from BGS was also able to secure the title "price-performance winner".

All petrol engines registered from 2001 and diesels registered from 2004 have an OBD2 interface. While each manufacturer previously had its own system, there is a universal connection with OBD2 to access the data from the error memory.

What is important in Digi-Prog 3 odometer programmer?

Exactly, reading errors. So this was of course the main checkpoint in the test. For this purpose, three cars (Audi RS4, VW T-Cross, Mercedes E-Class) were given four errors each. These include, for example, removed ABS sensors, unplugged airbags or removed fuses.

A professional device of the kind good to use in workshops was good to use as a reference: Any errors detected? Then it could start. In addition to the diagnosis, the operation, the range of functions and the qualitative impression also evaluate.

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