What is Tango Key Programmer?


What is Tango Key Programmer?
Tango Key Programmer is intended for the programming of transponders, that are a part of automobile immobilizing systems. Unlike the previous model the Gambit, the new model Tango is the two-band device that has allowed to add the list of supported transponders with firm Texas Instruments products 

The TANGO programmer is the next generation of transponder programmers which is continuously developed to cover, read, and write the latest transponders used in the newest vehicle immobilizer technologies.
A new function for reading the Kilometers, VIN, and transponder type for all BMW keys has been added to the BMW software module. After generating a new transponder with TANGO Programmer, you do not need any additional diagnostic equipment to program the generated transponder to the car. It will start the car directly, even on the new FIAT CODE 2 system, which is also used in PSA Group vehicles. You only have to write the new file back into the immobilizer system.

Tango key programmer at Buyobdii

OEM Tango Key Programmer V1.111 With All Software

OEM TANGO Key Programmer can work for Windows XP (SP2 or later) Professional Version, Windows 7 Ultimate, and Windows 8 Professional. Tango is mainly to do key programming, check security passwords, chip converting, and production of dedicated chips. The TANGO transponder programmer is developed to support, read, write, and generate the newest transponders used in the latest vehicle immobilizer technologies.


  • Key maker for Toyota Smart systems.
  • Key maker for BMW motorcycle DST80.
  • Key maker for Suzuki, Swift, 93C86, HITAG2.
  • Key maker for Chrysler, Crossfire.
  • Tango Plus for Toyota.
  • MEDC17 dump editor.
  • For Toyota Image Generator, G-Keys.
  • For Daihatsu Image Generator, G keys.
  • Using Toyota Image Generator, H-Keys.


Tango Toyota Key Maker Authorization Service

If you buy Tango Key Programmer Basic Software (SK80) and want to get the Toyota Key Maker Authorization, you can buy this service.

Tips: No need for shipping, after you pay for this service, send us the serial number, and we will open the authorization for you.

Highlights of the original Tango Scorpio-LK Tango Key Programmer:

  1. 100% Original Tango Scorpio-LK Tango
  2. Free update online
  3. Latest version: V1.116
  4. Support Daihatsu G Chip function (need to pay)
  5. After creating a new transponder with a TANGO programmer, You will not need any additional diagnostic equipment to program the created transponder on the vehicle!
    The car will start immediately, even on the new FIAT CODE 2 system, also used on PSA Group vehicles! You just have to rewrite the new file in the immobilizer!


How to update tango to the latest software?

Connect your TANGO to a computer with the internet, start the software to [help] >> [check update], then you can update Tango to the latest software. How to create a key by Tango? What is Tango Key Programmer? Tango Key Programmer is intended for the programming of transponders, that are a part of automobile immobilizing systems.

The Advantages of Using Tango Key Programming Language

  1. Tango Key programmer is a language that is specifically designed to make computer applications easy to use. Tango Key programmer does not use syntax but tries to make the code more intuitive. If you don't know how to use the Tango Key programmer, you can simply consult a tutorial or buy the software.
  2. Tango Key programmer works with the XNA framework and uses a framework called Visual Studio Express 2020. This platform has very high standards and thus helps to speed up development significantly. Besides this, it also makes sure that the app runs efficiently, and that the process is error-free.
  3. The Tango Key programmer is a Microsoft-developed platform. It can be used for any XNA-based games. Moreover, it's compatible with any game engine and thus can be used for making games. You will find that most XNA games are made using this language.
  4. The XNA framework is the basis of the Tango Key. You can easily create a simple application without any hassle. You can easily get started by creating a window, placing some objects, and then placing some other objects. The beauty of the Tango Key programmer is that you can also apply physics to your characters, change the body size and shape, add shadows, and more.
  5. Tango Key programmer allows you to make things easier. Even in this age of the internet, you still need to build graphics. The Tango Key programmer will allow you to create digital pictures and animations. You can also use animations to change the images as well.
  6. Since the code is clear, you can easily understand what the application is doing. For instance, if you are having trouble remembering the description of an image, just go to the website. It will have a description and will show you where the picture came from.
  7. Many advantages are associated with Tango Key. For instance, it helps to organize the different codes that are necessary for the project. These different codes help to create an application that is more complex, faster, and less error prone.
  8. Another advantage of Tango Key is that it can integrate with any XNA application. This is a great help since you do not have to worry about changing the image sizes of your characters. For those who are working on the Microsoft Windows platform, you can also use this language to be able to enhance your applications. With this, you can also use a lot of different platforms to develop applications such as iPhone, Android, and Apple iPad.



Tango Key Programmer is the best programmer in its class, considering its price and functionality. It is designed to electronically program car keys, i.e., it allows to duplicate lost keys, prepare transponders ready to start a car, or “precede” them to be added by a diagnostic tester. So, what are you waiting for, visit BUYOBDII and get your own tango key programmer. You will get ease.

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