Supported functions of Diagbox V7.83


Start Installation: 

On Diagbox, download it as an installer, then go into this directory where Diagbox is located, select "Open" and click on the green arrow that appears at the right of the installation window then "Install now", or leave blank and choose the option to let it install without installing anything. Once done with the installation, reboot your computer. Or if you have already done so, now that your computer is ready to use, press the F4 key on the keyboard on the top of the screen.

To create a program, click Start and when the following dialog appears, type "Create a new program". Then enter any name you like, and fill in the information as to when, where, and how many programs to keep. In the end, click Create, then select OK. A menu appears, tap on the "Create" button and enter the name of your program. After a few seconds, click Save.

In creating multiple programs, each one can be named by giving it a different letter. For example, first name, Second name, etc. If you have 10 names in total, use letters for alphabetic, etc., as this would be easy to remember and follow. Click on OK.

Make Use of the New Feature on Diagbox:

To make use of the new features of Diagbox V7.83 and all its functions, there are three ways. These are mentioned below:

  1. 1. Copy and paste any line from the code shown on the diagram below that has been deleted, and place the copied piece of code that suits your language. For example, if you have read English to Japanese, you only have to write these lines; however, if you have translated them correctly, you will have access to all features of the application.
  2. Add them to the “Run All” field and click on Save. When running, you will see several parameters, add a parameter you want. You can change what is there to fit your needs. For example, change the number of languages. By pressing Enter every time, a list of all parameters will appear. The settings of all parameters will be added to their respective lists. You can also change the size of the files to save space on your system. By choosing all the options, all files are created.
  3. For editing options, you need only to drag and drop the items inside the box. There is nothing else to do. As soon as all the details are filled in, all the options will appear.

How to Access diagbox from Internet?

Diagbox V7.83 does not support an internet connection but supports Wi-Fi. It supports other browsers through the USB port. Through Bluetooth connection, the mobile will detect the source of the signal, then, once the source is identified, we connect the device. And when connected, we can use Diagbox to view our files directly in control of our car. So, no need to worry about the security of your data.

Have installed diagbox for a long time?

If you know about problems with previous versions of the provider, or problems when using the latest version, you are encouraged to contact them immediately, because the company might not allow people to remove it from the market.

Different from other worldwide auto scanner implements that merely deliver error programs, this program performs practically ALL of the duties of the unique supplier analytical apparatus. Our analytical boundary includes a k-Line and interface. Diagbox is an industry-standard vehicle diagnostic software that allows car owners to troubleshoot problems quickly and easily.

Supported function:

The diagnostic functions listed below are supported:

  1. Identification through reading

Displays entire control unit identification, such as component quantity, software/hardware variety, constructor, and so on...

  1. Examine error programs

Displays all saved and undecided error programs, together with a detailed explanation (for example, 'Rail heaviness - too low pressure'). Reports may be printed or copied to the clipboard using the program.

  1. Clear error programs

 This function deletes all previously saved error programs and analytical evidence.

  1. Auto-scan

Detects and scans all diagnostic fault codes from all ECUs (electronic control units) fitted in the vehicle.

  1. Values Measured

The program displays real-time data such as appliance rapidity, battery-operated power, oxygen sensor, coolant high temperature, and so on. Standards can be shown as a chart, as nine standards at what time, or as a full item (all stately standards). Cataloging to a folder is also provided, allowing for down examination.

  1. Actuator evaluation

Actuator testing starts certain actuators (for example, turning on the gasoline pump, locking and unlocking the wheel, locking and unlocking the doors, cutting off the fuel, and so on).

  1. Hardware and software specifications

Software necessitates an Intel Celeron and a USB 1.1 connection as well as Microsoft Windows 98 SR2/2000/XP with the most recent facility packet connected. Microsoft Windows VISTA is not supported. If the buyer desires, we can prepare a ready-to-use PC.


Diagbox V7.83 is an advanced diagnostic tool designed to diagnose and repair vehicles quickly and easily. It features a user-friendly interface, intuitive navigation, and powerful tools. Diagbox is designed to be used by technicians and mechanics who are looking for a quick and easy way to diagnose and repair vehicles. It is an automotive diagnostic software program that allows users to perform various tests on their car or truck. It is a diagnostic tool designed to work on vehicles from 1996 and newer. It has an intuitive user interface and comes with over 200 different tools to diagnose your car or truck. Vehicle diagnostics are essential when it comes to keeping your car running smoothly and efficiently. Get started with this easy-to-use software. The BUYOBDII was designed to simplify clients' lives and save them time. Everyone will be able to locate anything for themselves fast and easily.






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