Lexia 3 diagbox is a communication indicator


What is meant by Lexia 3 diagbox?

Lexia 3 diagbox is an advanced diagnostic software. The hardware is known as a VCI, and it is the vehicle communications interface that links to your laptop and your vehicle's diagnostic port. PSA's unique tool incorporates electronics that communicate with the multiple ECUs on your vehicle. For Citroen vehicles, the software is known as Lexia, while for Peugeot vehicles, it is known as Peugeot Planet 2000. The program will then present you with a list of procedures that may be done on the car.

The updated program is also known as diagbox:

These have been discontinued for some years since the updated program is known as diagbox.  Diagbox is utilized in modern automobiles starting about 2008. To keep older vehicles compatible, they included both Lexia and PP2000 inside the diagbox, and the program will launch the most suitable version based on the vehicle. The ICC communication interface is used by the lexia3 diagbox whole chip communication module. Replacement support for all Citroen vehicles. Lexia 3 dealership indicative scanner for Citroen. You can do anything an approved Supplier organizes. This diagnostic program permits you to do thorough indicative on models manufactured from 1995 to the existent.

lexia 3 diagbox description:

Lexia3 is compatible with Citroen vehicles such as the C-CROSSER, NEMO, BERLINGO, JC1, C2, C3, C4, C6, C8, JUMPER, AX, SAXO, BX, and others. However, it does not function well with the latest c5 models. It is well-matched with maximum Peugeot vehicles manufactured after 1995, however, it does not operate properly with Peugeot 307 models manufactured after 2004. Diagnostics through OBDII connection (near directing mover) or manufacturer-specific connector (only of age cars, pre-2001). Regardless of the type of car requiring diagnostics, diagbox is the program you will utilize. If the vehicle is old and has not been integrated into the new software, you can use the diagbox site to open the old program (PP2000 or Lexia).

Lexia 3 diagbox functions:

K-Line multiplexor, SAE J1850 bus, and CAN-BUS interfaces are included in the lexia 3 diagbox dealer diagnostic tool. The following function of this diagbox are given below:

  1. Delivered mistake codes Show all recorded and undecided mistake codes, together with a detailed explanation (for example, "Barrier density - too little compression"). Reports may be printed or copied to the clipboard with this software.
  2. Perfect mistake codes this purpose deletes all previously saved mistake codes and indicative evidence.
  3. Read identification Displays entire control unit identification, such as component number, software/hardware version, manufacturer, and so on

  4. This structure is of great significance in all vehicles for the reason that structures like Machine controller items, Immoderate, Airbags, Alarms, Form Controller Items, and certainly another’s, necessitate you to accomplish rearrange and software development processes afterward car reparation is finished, or regular confirmation later exchanging fragmented Controller Item.

  5. Different from other worldwide car scanner utensils which solitary deliver mistake programs, this software concludes closely altogether the purposes similar to the unique supplier indicative device.

Uses of lexia 3 diagbox

Some important uses of diagbox are as follows in given below:

  1. lexia 3 diagbox is an easy-to-use diagnostic tool designed to help users diagnose their vehicle’s problems. It has been developed by experts who have years of experience in diagnosing vehicles.
  2. lexia 3 diagnostic boxes are used to test various products such as car batteries and vehicles etc.
  3. These diagnostic boxes are used to test various items such as car batteries
  4. Use our diagnostic box to check whether your device is working properly or not. It is easy to use and comes with many features.
  5. It includes everything you need to successfully repair your device.
  6. With the help of our software, you can easily solve your problems. You can also perform a deep scan of your vehicles.
  7. With the help of the newest generation of diagnostic software, you will be able to make sure that your vehicle is operating properly.
  8. lexia 3 diagBox is an innovative diagnostic tool by the leading lexia. This product helps medical diagnostics to improve their workflow significantly.

Advantages of lexia 3 diagbox:

These diagnostic tools allow you to check the condition of your vehicle, including checking its oil level, tire pressure, coolant levels, battery voltage, etc. They come with an easy-to-use interface, so you can diagnose your car without having to go to a mechanic. lexia is an engineering program for automobiles that teaches students about all aspects of vehicle design, manufacturing, and operation.

Communication indicator

This symbol denotes communication with the vehicle. When the button is green, it means the software is interacting with the car; otherwise, it is grey. Only one component can communicate with the automobile at a time. They can communicate with the following calculators:

  1. Diesel Automatic gearbox
  2. Airbag Air conditioner
  3. Dashboard Power steering
  4. Driven suspension Intelligent service box and many more functions



The most advanced version of our popular lexia 3 diagbox offers superior performance. Auto diagnostic instruments of high quality and reasonable cost. This software is designed for those who care about their automobiles and wish to examine parameters in real-time. Use our diagnostic box to check whether your device is working properly or not. It is easy to use and comes with many features.  The lexia 3 diagnostic system offers a unique approach to problem-solving through its innovative, integrated platform designed to streamline workflow and facilitate best vehicle communication. We serve individual clients, provide services, and ship diagnostic instruments all over the world. The BUYOBDII was intended to make client’s lives easier and save them time. Everyone will quickly and easily find anything for themselves. You may select our items and pay for them in as little as 5 minutes! We promise high-quality tools for YOU!


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