5 Reasons Why People Like mb star series!


Firstly, in this article we will talk about the mb star series that how series works, when performing complex diagnostics, complex equipment involves - three main groups of devices, each with its own tasks.

 mb star series

The fundamental difference between car diagnostics and its maintenance is the absence of requirements for normative time indicators for its implementation, as well as for the car’s mileage.

You can stop right on the way and use special mb star series to immediately diagnose your car, unless of course you have them.

The diagnostic area should contain.

  1. Motor tester;
  2. Scanner;
  3. Gas analyzer.

Let's talk about each of these devices separately.

What is the main task of the Scanners?

Moreover, the main task of the mb star series’ scanner is to “read” the electronic control unit, which is found in almost all modern cars. To understand the tasks of the device, it is necessary to clearly understand the scheme of operation of the functional block itself.

Another function of the ECU is to effectively detect failures in the operation of any of the systems. As for the scanner, which works in conjunction with the block, it makes it possible to:

  • Capture and control signals from all sensors of the system, as well as see the main parameters in real time;
  • Check the performance of all mechanisms, control them, put them into action, view the identification data of the computer, read fault codes, and so on;
  • See the readings of the scanner, which directly transmit data from the computer.

What the electronic control unit sees?

If one of the sensors of the system is "lying", for example, due to poor mass, then the mb star series scanners screen will have a similar "deception”. At its core, the scanner is not a measuring device - it simply displays the information received.

Therefore, it is necessary to approach the read fault codes critically and not make hasty decisions to replace one or another part. The data obtained should only give "food" for thought.

Types of modern scanners

As well as, modern mb star series scanners can be of two types - software (work only with a PC) and portable.

To achieve the operability of a software scanner, you need to prepare:

  • Personal computer (laptop). There is no need for high power here. Furthermore, the main requirement is the presence of a COM port (you can get by with a COM-PCMSI adapter);
  • software;
  • K-Line adapter (most often comes with equipment).

It is worth noting that exchange protocols may differ in different foreign cars, so you need to give preference to a universal mb star series scanners or buy several types for different models and brands.

Motor tester perform different tasks

This type of diagnostic equipment performs a completely different task. Its function is to measure the main parameters directly from the engine.

With it, you can find any malfunctions in the system. With it, you can measure the currents of the sensors, look at the voltage forms, fuel pressure waveforms, check the balance of the latter, measure the UOS, starter current, and so on.

In addition, with the help of a mb star series motor tester, you can take a number of high voltage oscillograms, by which you can see the status of the ignition coil, candle tips, BB wires, compression, ECU malfunctions, and so on. Another plus is the ability to measure the pressure in the cylinders while the engine is running.

What is the procedure motor tester ?

The candle turns out, and a pressure sensor installs in its place.

Based on the resulting graph, a number of conclusions can be drawn about:

  • State of the cylinder-piston group;
  • Correct installation of the timing phases;
  • The presence of air leakage in the intake tract;
  • Ignition timing;
  • Exhaust system backpressure level.

 mb star series

How can we check the performance of sensor?

This is not a complete list of the features that the mb star series motor-tester gives. Thanks to the data obtained, it is possible to identify a malfunction much faster and fix it. In some cases, it is even possible to determine the presence of an inter-turn circuit of the nozzles or a break in them.

 To assess the condition of the starter or battery, you can measure the amount of starter current. With the help of a motor tester, you can accurately check the performance of sensors and draw a conclusion about mb star series performance.

In general, the advantages of this device are countless. The choice is quite wide, but the cost in almost all cases is very high.

Drawing preliminary conclusions

All the devices described above are completely different in principle of operation, but they complement each other. In practice, any of the instruments described above can be dispensed with, but in this case, the measurement accuracy will decrease. As for the rest of the equipment, it is purely auxiliary.

In particular, a fuel pressure gauge is useful for measuring pressure, special stands for checking modules and spark plugs.

You will also need a nozzle cleaner, a set of tools and probes.

But having the necessary mb star series for diagnosing a car is one thing, because you still need to know the course of operations when diagnosing a particular car system.

Fuel system diagnostics

Fuel system diagnostics is carried out according to the following algorithm:

  1. Checking the level of fuel pressure in the fuel rail;
  2. Checking the performance and performance of injectors;
  3. Check the fuel line for patency and clean it if necessary.

Cooling system diagnostics

During the diagnosis of the car cooling system, it is necessary to check:

  1. The presence of leaks from radiators (main and heater);
  2. Check radiator cells for contamination;
  3. The condition of the expansion tank for its breakdown;
  4. Clogging of the channels of the system;
  5. Valve operation - thermostat;
  6. Check the operation of the water pump;
  7. The condition of the coolant (if necessary, it is topped up or replaced with a new one).

As can be assumed in the presence of mb star series and sophisticated equipment and instruments, with this diagnosis, there is no need.


Lastly, when diagnosing a car, you can check everything, the chassis, the body, the steering, the fuel and brake systems, the lubrication system, etc. But manually doing this on a modern car is almost impossible.

The operation of all systems through a huge number of sensors is tied to an electronic control unit, information from which can only be obtained using a special mb star series and other expensive devices.

The car owner has three options: to purchase these diagnostic tools, borrow them from a friend or contact a diagnostic center (car service, service station).

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