Why mb star diagnostic tools Had Been So Popular Till Now?


How to connect the mb star adapter to the car via Bluetooth?

Firstly, to connect the scanner-adapter to the car and work with the mb star diagnostic tool via Bluetooth via a smartphone, perform the following steps:

 mb star diagnostic

  • plug the adapter into the OBD2 connector (the indicator should light up, indicating that the device is ready for operation);
  • turn on Bluetooth on the phone, start the search and find the mb star diagnosticdevice;
  • enter the pin code (usually the numbers 0000, 1234 or 6789), establish a connection with the found device;
  • we go into the program previously downloaded to the smartphone (for example, the free version of Torque Lite), go to the settings;

How can mb star connect (Pairing) with Bluetooth?

Select the type of connection with the mb star diagnostic device- "Bluetooth", device - "OBDII";  exit the settings and wait for a while, after pairing the computer and adapter in the upper right corner of the smartphone screen, the indicator should light up, indicating that it is ready for work;

The display shows dials with such important characteristics as temperature and engine speed; you can manually add other settings, for example, air flow or speed;

As well as, to see the errors in the system, you need to go to the appropriate menu, the fault code can be easily found ones the Internet; to erase errors, we go to another menu; we answer in the affirmative to the system request “Reset error codes”.

The program install on the adapter warns that errors should be deleted from the ECM only when the car is at a standstill and all causes of malfunctions eliminates. If you simply erase the codes, and the cause of the problem is not found, errors in the system will reappear.

Mb star adapter firmware v1.5 compatibility with engine ECU

Mb star diagnostic tool with firmware 1.5 allows you to diagnose cars:

  • European production (gasoline) - since 2001;
  • American-made (gasoline) - since 1996;
  • diesel cars - since 2004;
  • Japanese cars - the list needs to clarify.

Diagnostic level in different car models

Not all engines can be tested in Honda and Mitsubishi cars; Toyota is more likely to be diagnosed, including right-hand drive. For cars, diagnostics is 100% possible if the Bosch 7.9.7 or January version 7.4 control unit (VAZ cars) installs, compatibility also note on GAZ-31105 and Gazelle (Sobol) cars with Chrysler engines.

 mb star diagnostic

Which frame work version allows data transfer?

Older firmware 1.3 and 1.4, as well as version v1.5, provide data transfer via the mb star diagnostic protocol, allow you to work via Bluetooth and a USB port. Although Elm327 v2.1 is relatively new software, it often refuses to work with many car models, so buying a scanner adapter with this version not recommends. A lot of useful information about firmware can be found on the forums, read recommendations.

Error codes according to the OBD2 protocol

The mb star diagnostic protocol is a single standard for cars of many brands; for convenience, all errors in the electronic system, determined using diagnostics encrypt in a specific code. Any malfunction in an encoded form record in numerical-alphabetic indices; the record consists of 5 characters. The first character of the code is always alphabetic; with the help of the letter it determines in which main unit of the car there is a malfunction:

  • P - in the engine or automatic transmission;
  • B - in the body system;
  • C - in the chassis;
  • U - An error occurred when accessing the electronic unit.

How mb star diagnostic scanner works?

The second character (number) can take on the value of 0, 1, 2 and 3, if the second character “0” displays on the mb star diagnostic scanner when reading the error; this means that the fault is read according to the general standard of the OBD2 protocol. If this is the number "1" or "2" - the error is not encrypted by OBDII, but by the automaker's own code, "3" is a backup option.

The third character of the code is a number indicating in which particular system or electronic unit an error occurred, here the character means a malfunction:

  • 1 or 2 - air or fuel system;
  • 3 - ignition;
  • 4 - additional control nodes;
  • 5 - idle;
  • 6 - the computer itself;
  • 7 and 8 - transmissions (automatic transmission).

Further, more point regarding how mb star diagnostic scanner works?

The last two digits in the designation are directly the code of the error itself, its serial number. It should be noted that not all automakers adhere to the international standard, as there are own codes for cars:

  • WHA;
  • GAS;
  • UAZ;
  • A.W.;
  • Renault;
  • Subaru;
  • IVECO (for diesel engines).

But often encrypted characters are generally very similar to the generally accepted code, for example, errors P0115 for OBD2 and 0115 for VAZ vehicles mean the same thing - a malfunction of the coolant (coolant) sensor.

How can we diagnostics without any special scanner or adapter?

It is possible to read codes on many cars without a special mb star diagnostic tools scanner or adapter; self-diagnosis performs directly on the instrument panel, and the error display on the LCD display. For example, consider how diagnostics perform without a scanner on a car of the VAZ-2110 family:

  • Turn the ignition key while holding the daily run button.
  • without turning off the ignition, press the button again, we see the firmware version on the LCD screen;
  • After the third press, the error code displays, if any, if there is no malfunction, the LCD indicator shows "0".

The sequence and actions themselves on different car models may differ, but the principle of self-diagnosis is generally the same

Mb star diagnostic Devices for car diagnostics

Today, automotive computer mb star diagnostic tools carries out at almost every modern service station. This is quite understandable. In new cars, many tasks perform by electronics, and all system parameters are set using special software.

I would like to note that without a full diagnosis, it is extremely difficult to accurately find a malfunction in a car, and then fix it. Only real mb star diagnostic are capable of this, and the probability of an error is very high, because no one has yet canceled the human factor.

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