What is VXDIAG Multi Diagnostic Tool: How to use it?


VXDIAG Multi Diagnostic Tool
Electronic fuel injection systems are here to stay in the heavy vehicle segment. Diesel engines are increasingly coming with VXDIAG Multi Diagnostic Tool technology. It is a fact that requires attention and qualification from workshops that want to remain competitive in the repair market.

In addition to theoretical training, there is a fundamental tool to meet this demand: the Diagnostic Tool. Keep reading this post to find out how it works in practice and understand why you need this equipment in your heavy vehicle repair shop.

Know what the VXDIAG Multi Diagnostic Tool is?

The VXDIAG Multi Diagnostic Tool is the tool capable of performing diagnostics on the electronic injection system of   these types of engines. It receives real-time information about the functioning of the system, identifying its operating parameters and detecting any failures.

It is also possible to redefine the information programmed in the control module. Moreover, it establishes new injection standards according to the needs of each vehicle.

Remember that, for the diagnosis and repair of diesel engines, it is not possible to use the same scanner used in Otto cycle engines, unless the equipment has this function and is properly updated.

Understand when we need VXDIAG Multi Diagnostic Tool?

The use of the VXDIAG Multi Diagnostic Tool is necessary whenever a diesel engine with an electronic fuel injection system is defective. After all, this is the only tool capable of transmitting to the professional every detail of its operation.

The main symptoms of malfunction in this system are loss of power, lack of torque, engine failure, high fuel consumption and excessive release of pollutants. When any of these problems occur, even if imperceptibly to the driver, the alert is given through a warning on the vehicle's dashboard.

At that time, only a workshop equipped with a Diagnostic Tool prepare to diagnose and solve the problem.

See how the VXDIAG Multi Diagnostic Tool works in practice

There are several models of VXDIAG Multi Diagnostic Tool on the market, with different functions and possibilities, however, all of them have software installed that makes the connection with the injection system. This program is responsible for accessing the system information and informing the repairer's operating records.


Information is easy to extract regarding the functioning of sensors, actuators, the control module, as well as data on other vehicle electronics. Some models even make graphics in real time, which help in system analysis. In this way, it is possible to detect failures and determine the best way to correct them.

You can follow the scanner's information from its own display or from a computer. The advantage of connecting to a PC is the possibility of viewing much more data on a single screen, in addition to the greater ease and agility in dealing with this information.

Understand the importance of the Diagnostic Tool for your workshop

With the growing number of vehicles running on diesel engines powered by electronic injection, this becomes an essential tool for those who want to expand the range of services offered by their workshop.

The rules that aim to regulate the emission of pollutants by vehicles have also become stricter, which increases the importance of periodic assessments and adjustments to the injection system by drivers. This is another demand that can only be fully met with the help of a Diagnostic Tool.

The VXDIAG Multi Diagnostic Tool optimizes the identification of problems that may be happening in your automobile. Check out a little more below!

How does an Automotive Scanner work?

What does that mean? To illustrate, remember when the injection light came on your car's dashboard and you were wondering why that was?

 VXDIAG Multi Diagnostic Tool

When this light comes on it could mean a problem is happening in the car's injection system. It could even take hours on end to be discovered by a professional.

Thus, the Automotive Scanner is a “hands on” to optimize the time to find the problem. It is a common tool on assembly lines. However, in the most modern workshops, it is easy to find them as a working tool.

So let’s see what the benefits of using the Automotive Scanner in your car are throughout the text . Check with us below:

Always Buy real time VXDIAG Multi Diagnostic Tool

Basically, the VXDIAG Multi Diagnostic Tool is a device that works in real time, receiving and driving the electronic fuel injection operating standards of an automobile. Its main objective is to find out what errors are happening in the system and then fix them.

There are a multitude of scanner models on the market, which can be used in cars, national or imported, from different manufacturers. They connect to the car through a plug, which is called OBD or OBD II in more current versions. And, OBD stands for “on boarding diagnostics”, in other words, on-board diagnostics.

In the US, since 1996, all cars must have OBD. This is because, with it, it is possible to obtain information on how the car is working, how fuel consumption is, how it is performing and how much pollutants it is emitting. Here in our country, the law requires manufacturers to offer the OBD plug since 2010.

How to operate VXDIAG Multi Diagnostic Tool?

Now that we understand a little about what the Automotive Scanner is, let's get to how it works. First, we have to talk about the ECU.

A car's ECU works with sensing devices and actuating devices. They have electrical resistance. Thus, the ECU does the process of sending and receiving the voltage mapped to a specific value in its memory. If it happens that some memorized value is wrong, the accessory recognizes it as an error in some part of the car.

Depending on the scanner model, you can still check different information, such as where the error is and what the problem of the part in question is. Furthermore, it is possible to read continuously, according to the scanner's interpretation, such as:

  • check engine operation;
  • check the temperature of the water and air intake;
  • read the lambda probe, etc.

Why make a diagnosis?

When a light comes on your dashboard, it may just be a small problem, but it can also be something very serious. Therefore, it is highly necessary to carry out VXDIAG Multi Diagnostic Tool inspection for the following reasons:

Car longevity: by solving your problems as soon as possible, we prevent them from getting worse. Therefore, it is interesting to solve the problems of one part before it starts to damage the other, as well as the entire vehicle;

Optimization of maintenance time: identifying exactly where the problem is, the professional will spend less time looking for it;

Cost-effective: knowing precisely which part needs to be replaced, you won't have to spend on parts that don't need to be moved, etc.

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