What is professional vas 5054a oki chip diagnostics?


The computerization of everything and everyone in our lives has long cover cars.  The spread of vas 5054a oki chip power systems, engines began to acquire dozens of various sensors: throttle position, detonation, valve timing, and vacuum and air temperature in the intake piping, oxygen concentration in the exhaust gases.

 vas 5054a oki chip

The list goes on, the operation of all sensors control by the ECU - an electronic control unit. By analyzing sensor signals, this device monitors the correct functioning and interconnection of all motor systems.

Any malfunctions are recorded in the memory of the computer, whether; it is a short-term, immediately past violation in the operation of any of the systems, or a complete failure of one of the sensors.

How to use vas 5054a oki chip to check failures?

 The driver, without even knowing about the failure, continues to operate the car until the malfunction, as they say, does not come out. It happens that an alarm icon lights up in the vas 5054a oki chip cluster - a symbol in the form of a motor.

Even In some cases, the engine continues to work as if nothing happen, as the ECU redistributes the “duties” of the power train systems and fends off the malfunction. But the inclusion of such a signal is a reason for diagnosis: something is wrong with the motor.

Professional Diagnostics with vas 5054a oki chip

For a long time, computer diagnostics vas 5054a oki chip of engines was the prerogative of car services, primarily branded ones, and therefore it was expensive. Just like the scanners themselves. They were "individual" not only within the same car brand.

 Sometimes they were intended for certain models of cars and engines - special programs develop for them. With the release of new engines and even just with the advent of new ECUs, new devices require.

 Do you think we are talking about fancy foreign cars? Not at all, for VAZ engines today there are 18 (!).

How vas 5054a oki chip works

Different vas 5054a oki chip also correspond to different diagnostic connectors, so that proprietary error scanners had a very narrow application. This continues until 1988, when a single OBD standard adopt, which stands for On-Board Diagnostics ("on-board diagnostics").

The introduction of this standard had an environmental premise. It was uniform in terms of the possibility of monitoring the purity of exhaust gases, the performance of oxygen sensors, as well as exhaust gas recirculation systems.

All cars have same technology!

It calls On-Board Diagnostics II or OBD II for short. Today, I think, all cars produce in the world have a standard 16-pin diagnostic connector.

In this way you can connect vas 5054a oki chip in electronic equipment and find out not only error codes of various engine systems.

 Service masters also have the ability to monitor the operation of sensors and engine electronic units in real time, even when the car is moving. It is now ordinary motorists, who are not particularly advance in terms of computer technology and auto electronics, have such an opportunity.

Why do you even need to scan your car?

Let's go back to the beginning of the article. The Check Engine symbol lights up, reporting errors and malfunctions of engine systems, or it may not light up.  Eventually, when it is on, this does not tell us anything.

Now, using an inexpensive and simple device, we instantly receive a digital error / malfunction code and can replace the fail sensor by unscrewing one or two screws securing it and disconnecting the "chip" connector.

We install a new vas 5054a oki chip in, voila, after 15–20 m of work; the car is on the move again. No need to waste time visiting the service, but at the same time leaving extra money there.

What is the price of vas 5054a oki chip

 We purchase an OBD II diagnostic tool base on the ELM327 controller. Its price varies from 500 to 1500 rubles, and little depends on the functionality. The most popular and universal firmware is v1.5 (versions 2.0 and 2.1 already exist).

 The device is very compact; it has no wires, only contacts for installation in a standard diagnostic socket. You just need to find this connector in your car. Often manufacturers hide it. But usually it is located under the front panel on the left side of the steering column.

 vas 5054a oki chip

How can we connect and install oki chip

We connect our Smartphone or tablet computer to the Internet (we use the Android operating system), find one of the many programs call Torque on the Play Market and install it - for free or for a symbolic amount.

After that, we “connect” the Smartphone with the diagnostic device via the Bluetooth protocol and diagnose our own car in any convenient place. No worse than in a corporate service.

A lot of options appear on the phone screen that you have not had the slightest idea about before. Intake air temperature -

Why do we need vas 5054a oki chip it?

 To be honest, it not needs at all, but if a question arises about the vas 5054a oki chip operation of the motor, we will be able to determine whether it corresponds to the norm. The same is true for absolute air pressure.

However, there is more important information. The old Renault Sandero (2010, 1.6-liter engine with 87 hp) had a coolant temperature gauge. There is no such indicator on the new generation of this model and on its "relative" Lada XRAY.

How to use vas 5054a oki chip?

 The on-board diagnostic tool allows you to track the temperature. When the engine warms up, it grows, gradually reaching 97 ° C. At a value of 103 ° C, an electric fan made noise under the hood. A minute or two - and the temperature again return to 90-odd degrees. Order!

Neither Lada nor Renault has a charging voltage indicator provided by the alternator. But this is an important indicator! We check: on the new XRAY and the seven-year-old Sandero, the “digit” is almost the same - from 14.0 to 14.1 V. By the way, decent indicators, you don’t have to worry about under- or overcharging.

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