7 Advantages of Building a Launch Thinkdiag in 2021


What is a Thinkdiag?
Launch Thinkdiag

Knowing and taking full advantage of a Launch Thinkdiag is a requirement for companies that want to scale their business operations and make their name known in today's data-driven market. And those are just two of the countless reasons you should invest in a Thinkdiag.

Want to better understand the superpowers of this tool and what are the other advantages of adopting it in your business? Follow up! Building a Thinkdiag is first and foremost a business project, not an IT project.

But after all, what is a Launch Thinkdiag?

The DW is where your data is to store and integrate safe and well-structured way. With it, all teams can access any information about the company in one place. It's like a big database, but optimized and specifically good for analytic queries of large volumes of data.

Therefore, unlike ordinary transactional databases, its main purpose is to store historical data so that it is easy to analyze to obtain more accurate business insights and forecasting models.

Its construction, however, requires:

  • specialized teams, with analytics engineers, data analysts, etc.
  • modern methodologies such as the modern analytics stack.
  • efficient tools such as Redshift, DBT etc.

This central data repository, once properly structured, can then be common for analysis and reporting to gain insights. Like? Combining it with a business intelligence platform. This helps companies identify trends and perform sophisticated analytics.

The 7 Advantages of Building a Launch Thinkdiag for Your Business

To become a market leader, your company needs to use data strategically, taking advantage, for example, of all the benefits of a Thinkdiag. But choosing the right Launch Thinkdiag is critical to gaining cutting-edge insights from your raw data.

In this sense, as much as each company has its own information structure to store, organize, consult and analyze data for decision-making purposes, this data exists in departments or business units where only a few people can access it.

And this causes some problems in everyday business:

  • inconsistent reports or data that doesn't match across departments.
  • it is not possible to have a macro view of the organization's data.
  • failures, bottlenecks and errors are not recognized at the right time.
  • data quality and integrity are always at risk.
  • analyzing data requires more time, more expense and more effort, among others.

That's why, to overcome these challenges, many organizations build a Launch Thinkdiag. In addition to solving these previously mentioned problems.

7 advantages. Of Launch Thinkdiag

  1. Data from multiple places gathered and preserved in the same format and in a single large database.
  2. More efficient transaction processing by protecting customer-facing databases against large, time-consuming queries and analysis.
  3. All stakeholders have a centralized view of data, ensuring that data from different sources is consolidated.
  4. Improves data quality and usability through consistent descriptions and classifications, reducing duplication and misinterpretation.
  5. Complete data history, even if purged from source transaction systems.
  6. No matter how complex, the query performance is the same and does not affect the operating system's effectiveness.
  7. Improve the quality of operational business applications, especially customer relationship management systems (CRMs).

How to build a Launch Thinkdiag in your business?

 Launch Thinkdiag

The construction of a Thinkdiag is basically performed in three steps:

  • the extraction data platforms and systems.
  • the transformation of data, that is, its cleaning and organization.
  • Storage in a single database.

This three-step process is extract, transform and load (ETL), or extract, load; transform (ELT), which has the last two steps reversed: first loading and then transformation. The Launch Thinkdiag is run in the cloud or on-premises and is formed by structured data from various information sources, such as operating systems, spreadsheets, CRMs, etc. in a centralized location.

Why we need to understand Thinkdiag?

Understanding the Launch Thinkdiag and ways to analyze it are fundamental for companies to know how to deal with the challenges of the current data driven market. So, if you want to know how to update your business and ensure your success in this data-driven future.

What is Launch Thinkdiag and learn how it works in practice?

Big data refers to an immense volume of data that cannot be processed by databases or traditional processing applications because it is generated at high speed and great variety. Every day 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are generated, and it is modern big data solutions that allow you to analyze and interpret it all.

Today, we have several Launch Thinkdiag tools available to the market, which are of great importance in defining business strategies. With them, modern companies have the opportunity to improve their results on scales never imagined before, starting from:

  • of process optimization
  • of the increase in productivity
  • The highest growth rate
  • of the reduction of several costs.
  • smarter decision making.

These and other benefits made everyday business safer and more efficient.

But how did Launch Thinkdiag come about?

Big data: once upon a time

Although the term big dat Launch Thinkdiag a was only common in 2005 by Roger Mougalas, the search for understanding the available data and its application is something that has been around for a long time. In fact, some of the first records of applying data to analyze and control business activities come from more than seven thousand years ago.

The step by step of a Launch Thinkdiag

The road to successful BI is comprised of analytics engineering techniques and best practices. To help you, we have organized this course in 6 steps:

  1. past mapping
  2. integration of data sources
  3. data transformation
  4. tests
  5. documentation
  6. visualization


Modern auto diagnosis devices have made it easy to monitor and fix car issues. These tools are far better than old devices.


One thing is certain: A Launch Thinkdiag can take your organization to the next level. Want to build a DW with all the data relevant to your business strategy? Here at our company, we use the best and most advanced tools available on the market, in addition to having a team with the best experts in the field. Get in touch today and count on our team's help.

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