KTAG 7.020 spark trigger tool


K-TAG 7.020 spark trigger tool


K-TAG 7.020 is a gadget that is used for Reading and writing ECU or TCU in vehicles. K-TAG 7.020 interacts with all ECUs embedded in the system, even the latest generation. Without opening ECU; you can directly read and write ECU flash memory, microprocessors, and ECU.

Recovery, repair, clone work more with k-tag 7.020.with the help of K-TAG 7.020, you can get closer to ECU and access all the valuable data to drive safely and efficiently on the vehicle.


Role of service mode in K-TAG 7.020


Thanks to the service mode, maintenance, repair, and cloning have become more accessible. You do not need to open the ECU, thus reducing the error margin while maximizing your result.


Reliable, professional Team


K-TAG 7.020 is an instrument for experts, map out and assemble by experts. Every need of the business is met by working precisely on vehicles. For example, cars, motorcycles, trucks, boats, etc. K-TAG 7.020 takes you closer to read and write data to ECU and TCU. In brief, it gives you full access to ECU, and TCU.K-TAG 7.020 also allows you to edit ECU advance, backup operations, and cloning.

K-TAG 7.020 is the best choice for experts who need reliable tools that are safe and highly professional.


A brief overview to ECU AND TCU


ECU is abbreviated as electronic control unit embedded in the vehicles.ECU is responsible for managing a specific task. ECU is also accountable to controls the electronic features in the car. Many cars have several ECUs controlling different parts, .while some vehicles have only one ECU controlling everything.ECU is taking the ROM file and placing it in the right place in the car.

TCU is abbreviated as a Telemetric control unit embedded onboard system in vehicles responsible for various tasks. For example, diagnostics, electronic tolling, vehicle tracking, communicating with other cars, etc.


Relationship between ECU and TCU       


ECU is responsible for managing the engine control unit, engine management, and general power system of the vehicle, while TCU is responsible for the transmission control unit. It is responsible for control shifts such as up and down.


Advantages of K-TAG 7.020 over other ECU chip tuning tools


  • K-TAG attaches a GPT cable to keep up the GPT functions.

  • K-TAG decrypts the password. It can unlock the sectors so it can easily read and write both flash and EEPROM.

  • K-TAG v7.020 connects to the network and is fully activated.

  • K-TAG 7.020 is safe, reliable, and easy to use.TAG 7.020 is the best choice

  • K-TAG 7.020 has online operation supported.

  • K-TAG 7.020 provides automatic updates for applications and manuals.

  • K-TAG 7.020 contains a complete kid that includes hardware and all necessary cables.

  • K-TAG 7.020 has a controlled surface for easy access.

  • K-TAG 7.020 contains an update for new vehicles.

  • K-TAG 7.020 has complete access to ECU, EEPROM, and micro.

  • K-TAG 7.020 has excellent performance as tested by many tuners/experts and was named the best ECU programmer for heavy-duty trucks, boats, etc.

  • K-TAG 7.020 has no reset button. It has no USB Dongle.

  • K-TAG 7.020 has the best PCB with Murata filters.



  • K-TAG is used in various applications. Some of those are as follows.

  • Trucks

  • Motorcycles

  • Automobiles (cars, van, taxi)

  • Agricultural vehicles (harvester, tractors)

  • Marine vessels (ships, watercraft)

  • Boot mode modality

  • It provides the facility to read the more profound parts with an open ECU by just establishing a connection between the electronic boards of the ECU.

  • With the help of K-TAG 7.020, you can conduct advanced modifications, backup operations, and cloning of the ECU.

K-TAG specifications and functions

The functions that inspire you the most.

RR, WR, Clone.

K-TAG 7.020 has five primary functions to perform. Accurate Reading, writing, clone, boot mode, service mood. Each part brings the result both efficiently and safely.

Checksum needed

Checksum check verifies the integrity of ECU data. The checksum correction is made by K-TAG 7.020 in each file on the writing process.


With the help of restoration, you can restore the communication and restore the file read from the ECU.

User manual

Step guideline on to safely done each remapping. The user manual provides an approach for remapping. It contains all essential information for the user to make full use of the process of remapping.

Technical assistance

Technical assistance provides support in complex procedures. By using this function, complex systems can be solved quickly. This support helps in finding out the best solutions for complex processes.

Versions of K-TAG 7.020


Master computer provides the facility to write data without limits. Once the file reading is done, the Master computer offers the facility to rewrite the edited file back to the OEM ECU at the time of checksum correction.


The slave version of the tool provides a facility to read/write files delivered from the master computer. While performing a checksum, the slave computer can rewrite the modified data back to the OEM ECU. Reading and writing are made easy with the help of guidelines. Through an online menu system, you can quickly identify the vehicle you want to work on.

Need to know more about K-TAG 7.020 


K-TAG 7.020 is the professional gadget, and the latest version, its software updated to v2.25. It is the newest version of K-TAG.


Here are some points to choose the latest version of K-TAG that is K-TAG 7.020.

  • It is the latest version. It’s hardware is V 7.020, while its software is V2.25.

  • No limitations: it is an unlimited version, the euro version.

  • It can be connected online and supports complete protocols.

  • Multilanguage is available, for example, English, French, Spanish, etc.

  • No checksum error, support GTP cable, supports all protocols.

  • Read and write on the ECU or TCU.

  • Read the passwords and decrypts them.

  • Supports various vehicles i.e., motorbikes, automobiles, trucks, etc

  • K-TAG 7.020 is a comfortable gadget to use for work as it runs faster and is more stable and reliable.

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