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Everything You Need to Know about Kess V2


Kess V2 is a perfect tool which is usually used to connect various vehicles. The long vehicles include the agriculture trucks, car, motorbike, and much more. It is a best tool to write back for modification or enhancement in the ECU as well communicates through the port like OBD. It can also support the boats in the sea level surface to read and write. This process can be done for observing the parameters of the engine and of transmission

The main objective is to enlarge the performance of the vehicle and taken the control of the unit and problems that a simple and standard analysis cannot solve. This tool has been proven extremely reliable, let’s go through its importance so you can have an idea how important it is for vehicles.

Importance of KESS V2

Kess v2 is the most efficient and significant tool for the people who are interested in the better product. It is important for the reading and writing material of the ECU. That is available mostly in the automobiles include the motorbikes, truck, tractors, harvesters etc. so this device is strongly helpful for the vehicle identification. Meanwhile for the matter of original code i.e., the injector code and examining the battery voltage of desired vehicle. These are the reasons mostly businessman used the durable tool plus they contact the most reliable company. You are allowed to visit the website for your own satisfaction and make it possible to reach at the accurate destination.

As all types of the motors and machines needs to maintain regularly because it used with the passage of time. To get the better product for better output, machines are highly challenging for the servicing and protection. It’s all because of the input and output are directly associated to each other. A lot of ways are used by the engineers to keep the tools and machinery work in an appropriate manner. The best way is called tuning the tool. But make sure that every part of the device demands for different tuning tool. For instance, automobiles have several tools with various functioning kits helpful for the long-lasting endurance. Likewise, the different musical utensils also need the tuning tool for being in working condition. Companies with various tools are manufactured in a more compact manner. Though these tools are always in high demand and hence the rate of manufacturing process is also very high. Mainly all the sources should not be trusted as the designing such tools required a lot of care and accuracy.  

Usage of kess V2

It is very easy and simple in a way that the vehicles that are related to the agriculture and aquatic applications are simply connected with the cable to marine part of the vehicle.

Basic procedure steps to open the KESS V2

Now question arises that how you can use it or how someone open a kess V2 file. It is very simple by following the steps listed below.

Ø The installation process

First of all install the k-suite software on your system and make sure accurate voltage of your system.

Ø Connection process

In this step the KESS V2 tool connected with the USB (Universal Serial Bus) and then installs it into your system. There are many categories of vehicle like car, bus, truck etc when you are supposed to open the software, chose your vehicle interest. Connect the tool with the OBD port of the car. Then read the encoded file located at ECU. At the end send the file to Master.

Types of Kess V2

Following are the types of KESS V2 which are as follows:

  • KESS V2 Master tool
  • Agriculture OBD Protocols
  • Car-Bike Protocols
  • Marine Protocol
  • Car-bike-truck protocol
  • KESS V2 Boat

Master tool

The master tool is one the best tool of the Kess V2 specially the most powerful tool that allows all functions including the reading and writing. Which is sometimes hard for the layman to understand the ECU in the motorbikes, truck, etc?


Following are the features of our tool:

  • Check timing of the battery in a real-time
  • Containing the choice of reading/writing rate
  • Facility of recovery (troubleshoot)
  • managing the booths of programming
  • checklist for correction (if needed)
    support of boot-loader
  • removal of DTC is available
    integration process with the ECM Atomic number 22

Difference between the Kess and KTAG

Kess 5.017
With KESS V2 someone can do programming directly through the OBD port of the vehicle, while with Ktag you need to take apart the ECU and open it, after you can make the read/write operation

Have some benefits of Kess V2

  • Works very well
  • Durable
  • Reliable
  • Compact
  • Cheap in cost

Top reasons to choose KESS V2

Following are the reasons people would grateful if they are using the KESS V2.

  1. Several languages can be used includes German, Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese.
  2. Software can be with anti-node module its means that more ECU’S can be used.
  3. With the all main brands as well as protocols it can be assessable everywhere.
  4. Protocols include CAN, MED17, and EDC17.

Why Buyobdii is best?

Buyobdii is the one of the best companies who are dealing with the perfect products and selling such kinds of tools. Because we are involved in this business since a long time ago and the main reason that customers are happy with our high-quality products. Our focus on the durability, quality and less expensive rates which wins the hearts of the customers.  Our Kess V2 is high quality product and much more reliable. The output of the tool is never ever underrated and compromised.


If you are looking for the good, effective, and authentic tool then you are the right place and we make it your best choice, if selected. You are also allowed to get feedback from other people who are our customer from long time. You can also see our website for choosing the products from variety. You will never feel any kind of regret after buying our product and would love to buy more. A lot of designs along with their price are available for the shopping. You can easily get an idea before investing the money. This will allow you to save your money and time and your discussion and choice is our top priority.

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