Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad Full Configuration Global Version All-in-One Programmer

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VVDI key Tool plus Highlights:1. VVDI Key Tool Plus provides an all-in-one security solution for locksmiths. Combines IMMO functions of VVDI2, VVDI MB, Key Tool Max and VVDI PROG with the ability to expand the capabilities as needed.2. It supports IMMO programming for luxury cars like BMW, BENZ, AUDI, and VW etc.3. Available to control the key cutting machines developed by...
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VVDI key Tool plus Highlights:

1. VVDI Key Tool Plus provides an all-in-one security solution for locksmiths. Combines IMMO functions of VVDI2, VVDI MB, Key Tool Max and VVDI PROG with the ability to expand the capabilities as needed.
2. It supports IMMO programming for luxury cars like BMW, BENZ, AUDI, and VW etc.
3. Available to control the key cutting machines developed by Xhorse. Greatly saving cost and facilitating the work process.
4. Toyota H Smart Key AKL Without Emulator
5. Free Update Online lifetime
6. Advanced Version with Full Adapters, Xhorse Solder-free Adapters Full Set optional
7. ID48 and read MB Key password online will need token, but both can read xhorse bonus points. VVDI Key Tool Plus bind with Xhorse key cutting machine. to get free BGA token everyday.(more information, please check on VVDI Key Tool Plus tokens)
8. Much easier to complete various automotive programming anywhere with no need to take your laptop, mobile phone.
9. Global Version
10. OS: V16  Firmware V1.3.9

1. Language Supported: English Only Till Now. (More Languages will be developed in the feature)
2. Bosch ECU adapter cannot be used with Key Tool Plus. It is for VVDIProg and VVDI BIMTool.
3. VVDI MB power adapter fast cable cannot be used with the pad. The Pad uses a Benz power adapter in its package to fast calculate pass.
4. Benz EIZ/EZS adapter kit can be used with the key tool plus. But require DB9 optional adapter (not release yet) or modification.
5. VVDI Toyota 8A adapter and VVDI remote renew adapters can be used with a VVDI pad.

vvdi key tool plus

KEY TOOL PLUS All-in-one Security Solution for Locksmiths

KEY TOOL PLUS provides an all-in-one automotive security solution for locksmiths. The device combines immobilizer matching, remote generation, transponder clone, File Make Key and reading & writing vehicle module data. Besides, it is available to control key cutting machines developed by Xhorse.

VVDI Key Tool Plus Tablet -- Advanced Package is a professional locksmith tool that integrates the main functions of remote control and chip, anti-theft matching, programming, accessory replacement, maintenance reset, and more in one platform that can be expanded. One device can solve all the needs of daily work. It is a full featured Key Tool with all the feature you expect for cloning and remote generation with additional new features to include  programming features for BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen and Audi , Jaguar, Land Rover  support. EEPROM programming . smart key simulation ,make a key from file, multiple protocols and more. It's like having VVDI2 + VVDIMB + Key Tool MAX + Mini OBD Tool... all in one machine!

The most advanced application processor of VVDI Key Tool Plus, with integrated Bluetooth, FM, WLAN, and GPS modules, is a highly integrated baseband platform incorporating both modem and application processing subsystems to enable the best and most convenient connectivity solution. With this super processor, the enhanced overall quality is achieved for simultaneous voice, data, and audio/ video transmission on the device. Besides, it's available to control Xhorse key cutting machines. Greatly saving cost and facilitating the work process. Furthermore, more advanced functions will be supported for the convenience of locksmiths in the future.

KEY TOOL PLUS provides an all-in-one security solution for locksmiths. Much easier to complete various automotive programming anywhere with no need to take your laptop, mobile phone. It supports IMMO programming for luxury cars like BMW, BENZ, AUDI, and VW. besides, it's available to control the key cutting machines developed by Xhorse. Greatly saving cost and facilitating the work process. Furthermore, more advanced functions will be supported for the convenience of locksmiths in the future.

vvdi key tool plus
Key Tool Plus Features


√ CAN and K protocol switch pin
√ Chip pin detection
√ Toyota smart key programming without simulator
√ Long distance IMMO collection
√ OBD matrix switch
√ Radiofrequency simulator
√ Smart key simulator
√ Integrated key identification coil
√ BENZ infrared reading head

vvdi key tool plus feature

Key Tool Plus PAD Function:

Luxury Cars IMMO Programming
Ordinary Cars IMMO Programming
Transponder Operations
Remote Program
File Make Key
Prog Function
Control Xhorse Key Cutting Machines
More Functions Coming Soon

vvdi key tool plus
I. IMMO Programming for Luxury Cars(Versatility ---- Expand What's Possible)

As a versatile automotive security device, KEY TOOL PLUS simplifies immo programming for luxury cars like Volkswagen, AUDI, BMW, BENZ, Porsche, Bentley, SEAT, etc.
Users can effortlessly finish the tough work in one single tablet.
Additionally, the support car models won't end here: more cars will be included in the list by Xhorse.

vvdi key tool plus immo programmer
key tool plus immo function

1. VW&AUDI IMMO Programming

3rd/4th/5th generation
KEY TOOL PLUS provides users with functions including key programming, key learning, ECU coding/adaption/replacing, diagnostic function, etc. to best resolve most problems they met in immo programming for Volkswagen and AUDI cars.

vw audi immo programming

2. BMW IMMO Programming
(Extremely Cost-effective, Surprisingly Professional)

ECU ISN Reading Function

KEY TOOL PLUS can achieve BMW CAS1/CAS2/CAS3/CAS3+/CAS4/CAS4+ OBD key learning, FEM/BDC key programming, File Make Key, ECU ISN reading, ECU and CAS synchronization, etc.
Getting work done has never been easier.

bmw immo programming

3. Mercedes-Benz IMMO Prorgamming(User-demand-oriented, Innovation-driven)

FBS3 standard keys and FBS3 keyless-go keys
Smart keys, all keys lost, add keys, enable & disable keys
EIS/EZS, ELV, ECU, gearbox, and ISM replacement

KEY TOOL PLUS offers users all-rounded and professional security solutions for Mercedes-Benz

benz immo programming

II. Ordinary Cars IMMO Programming

Renault 4A Smart Card/4A Flip key (Kadjar, Koleos etc) OBD Add Key, All Keys Lost, Prepare dealer key Vehicle with 4A chips; No need for reading backup flash; No risk of the car dysfunction occurring
Toyota 8A mechanical key OBD Add key and All keys lost (No need to remove immo box for AKL. 8A AKL adapter is required.
Mitsubishi OBD Add key, all keys lost, prepare dealer key Outlander, ASX, Eclipse Cross etc)
Porsche Generate dealer key for new Porsche (-2018), OBD IMMO programming (key tool plus read dump and generate key, OBD immo programming)
Peugeot Citroen DS OBD Read Pin, Add key and All keys lost
Ford (-2018) Smart key programming without PIN code for-2018 models/key programming
Ford 2019— Key programming without reading PFLASH backups for 2019 up Focus, Escort (safe, no risk.)
Jeep Chrysler Dodge 2018 up Reading PIN code and key programming key via OBD
Fiat Viaggio Palio OBD Add key, AKL and prepare dealer key
Buick Chevrolet Cadillac OBD Read PIN Code (ID46 transponder), online get PIN code for some cars with 4D/47 transponders
Hyundai Kia OBD read PIN Code for cars with 46, 47, 8A transponders and program key
Honda 2019 up AKL OBD all keys lost for 10th Generation Accord, Envix, Fit, Inspire
Volvo (-2016) OBD read ISN by OBDII (remote key), require CEM EEPROM dump (remote key), require CEM, KVM EEPROM dump (smart key)
Chinese Cars Support key programming for common Chinese cars and PIN code calculation or OBD read PIN code for some models

KEY TOOL PLUS features immo programming for thousands of car models around the world, literally covering the great majority of car models locksmith may meet in work, so as to ensure the effectiveness and convenience of their daily work.

 key tool plus immo programming list

III. Xhorse Key Tool Plus Basic Functions

It supports basic functions of a Key Tool, such as remote generating, cloning, transponder detection

Transponder Clone
Remote Clone
Transponder Generation
Remote Generation
Transponder Reading
Remote Renew
Frequency Detection
IC/ID Clone
More Functions coming soon
Eg. OBD diagnosis and MQB49 immo programming have just been released on KEY TOOL PLUS and it’s projected to support DOIP, CAN-FD, Toyota 8A smartkey in the near future.

vvdi key tool plus menu

VI. Transponders(The Most Comprehensive Database of Vehicles Ever)
  • ID46 online calculation
  • ID48 (96 bit) online calculation
  • Toyota H(8A) online calculation
  • Transponder generation and cloning of over 850 car models
V. Remotes
  • Support remote generation, smart key generation, frequency detection, remote clone for a variety of car models
  • HCS/fix code clone, non-HCS rolling code clone, fix code editing
  • PT22XX, LX918, HT6P20, VD5026, AX5326, HT12X fix code editing
key tool plus database
xhorse vvdi key tool plus function

VI. IMMO Data Tool (File Make Key)-Revolutionary Function/Solve Programming Dilemma
For some cars, key programming and other settings can't be finished via OBDII. KEY TOOL PLUS gives amazing strength to solve the dilemma by delivering File Make Key function which can be used to add keys for them. This very function features generating transponder via reading related transponder data of the car immo module directly.

Example: Magotan/CC 48 transpnder File Make Key

S    U    P    P    O    R    T  

Audi, Jaguar, Volvo, Ford, BMW,  Land Rover,  Buick, Kia, Bentley, Peugeot, Cadillac, Toyota, Honda, Porsche, Chevrolet, Nissan, etc.

key tool plus generating transponder chip

VII. Prog Function(A Programmer As Well: Simply Stronger, Reliably Effective)

KEY TOOL PLUS is designed with Prog function, which can work as a solder-free programmer, directly reading and writing common modules and chips for plenty of car models. Xhorse is the first to offer this integrated solution.

key tool plus prog function

key tool plus support eeprom and flash

Supported EEPROM and FLASH


key tool plus eeprom flash list

Support Modules

√BENZ: EIS/EIZ                           √LANDROVER: RFA
√PORSCHE: BCM                       √VOLVO: CEM/KVM

key tool plus eeprom flash list

VIII. Maintenance Function

Meet Your Work Demands in Every Way. KEY TOOL PLUS supports maintenance light reset, electric parking brake, TPMS, battery matching, throttle program, injector programming, steering angle programming, bitting decode, gearbox programming, headlight programming, etc.

More maintenance functions will be released soon.

key tool plus maintenance function

VIIII. Keep the Key Cutting Machine in Control(High-tech Made Simple )

Available to control Xhorse key cutting machines (CONDOR, DOLPHIN, Panda and more). Perfectly work as an operation screen.
By using Key Tool Plus Pad, completely free your mobile phones
key tool plus work with key cutting machine


Its design concept is to unite the functions of your various devices and offers the advantage of ultra-convenience at hand.

key tool plus work with key tool max

CPU 8-Core high performance processor, faster than most ordinary smart devices
Memory 4GB RAM + 128GB ROM large storage capacity
4 aspects improving markedly Data processing, Instruction completing, Execution operation, Strong stability
Screen 10.1” Screen, anti-glare display enables top operation experience
Camera 13MP HD Camera, the 13MP rear camera is designed to fit in multiple scenarios perfectly
Battery 10000mAh Battery, long battery life and PD3.0 fast charge, keep you productive throughout your day.
OBD Power Supply PD3.0 Fast Charge
Connection Bluetooth 5.0,WiFi 2.4G/5G

vvdi key tool plus configuration
key tool plus high performance


We hereby state that the trade-marks or trade names mentioned in this document are the exclusive property of authorized manufacutures.
Said trade-marks or trade names are nominated only for the purpose of information so that our users can rapidly identify product information.
This document is reserved exclusively for professional locksmiths who use Xhorse products.

Package includes:
No. Items Description
1 Key Tool Plus Key Tool Plus Tablet
2 User Manual Device Instruction
3 Certification and Warranty Card Certificate of Conformity
4 Charger Fast Charging Plus
5 USB3.0 Type-C Cable USB Charging Cable
6 OBD_DB25 Cable OBD Cable

OBD_Kia_10 Connector

OBD Connector
8 OBD_Kia_20 Connector OBD Connector
9 OBD_Honda_3 Connector OBD Adapter
10 Remote_PS2 Programming Cable Remote Programming Cable

vvdi key tool plus overview

key tool plus package
VVDI Key Tool Plus FAQs:

Q:1. What are the features of VVDI Key Tool Plus Tablet?
A: KEY TOOL PLUS Tablet is a professional locksmith tool that integrates the main functions of remote control and chip, anti-theft matching, programming, accessory replacement, maintenance reset, etc., and also reserves future expansion capabilities. One device can solve all the needs of daily work.

Q2. What policy does the KEY TOOL PLUS tablet have for regular customers?
A: We have always given priority to old customers, and will give them more preferential treatment. Old customers can book at very low prices as long as they have bonus points.

Q3.Original VVDI series device after the KEY TOOL PLUS tablet comes out?
A: The KEY TOOL PLUS Tablet is used to fill the gaps in the KEY TOOL series of product lines, and provides a more convenient tool for the daily work of locksmiths. We will not stop the production and sales of VVDI2, VVDI MB, VVDI PROG and other products, old customers can continue to use, we will continue to provide development and upgrade, will not stop service. Please do not worry.

Q4. I heard that old customers can migrate functions?
A: Yes, because the KEY TOOL PLUS tablet is divided into the basic version and the advanced version, the basic version does not include the anti-theft matching and programming functions of Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes-Benz. After the migration, the original device function authorization is cancelled, and the relevant authorization is opened on the KEY TOOL PLUS tablet. In order to reduce the impact on the use of old customers, we decided to continue to provide half-year free licenses for the relocated old equipment.

Q5. Your KEY TOOL PLUS tablet is an update version of KEYTOOL MAX, isn't it?
A: NO, not just update version of VVDI Key Tool Max. KEY TOOL PLUS Tablet uses higher configuration hardware and supports more protocols and interfaces. Of course, KEY TOOL Super Tablet also covers all the functions of MAX.

Q6. How do you plan for VVDI2, VVDI MB, and VVDI BMW tools in the future?
A: In the future, VVDI series products will continue to be upgraded, and will develop more towards specialized functions such as programming, coding codes, parameter refreshing, etc., and they are professional equipment for locksmiths. KEY TOOL PLUS Tablet focuses on solving daily work needs, so each has its own advantages.

Q7. How about the KEY TOOL PLUS tablet configuration?
A: We have fully listened to the suggestions of the locksmith masters. Considering the sustainability of the product, we have adopted high-performance hardware configuration on the VVDI KEY TOOL tablet, such as 8-core CPU, 4G memory, 128G storage, 10.4 inch HD The screen and other configurations higher than the industry level, while integrating support for new technologies such as DOIP and CAN-FD, reserve sufficient space for future function expansion.

Q8. Will VVDI KEY TOOL PLUS Tablet cost money in the future?
A: We have always insisted on free upgrades, and the upgrade of the main functions of the tablet will also be free. However, for functions with greater breakthroughs, such as the support of Mercedes-Benz FBS4, we will charge a certain upgrade fee because of the large investment in research and development.

Q9. How about VVDI KEY TOOL PLUS IMMO Support List?
A: The VVDI MINI Key Tool Plus Tablet supports more than 90% of the common models on the market. At the same time, we will continue to improve and add new models, and these are free upgrades.


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