How to check car with xtool pad before buying?


How to check a car before buying?

Even for an inexperienced buyer, an initial check of the car's appearance, the condition of its body, engine and interior is possible before purchasing it on the secondary market. Of course, it will be better to use xtool pad. By some signs, you immediately recognize an unusable car without wasting time.

 xtool pad

What are the verification steps?

When choosing how to check a car before buying, take into account all the nuances of operation. Once need to check the possibility of winding up the speedometer, fake PTS. When buying from hands, the main stages of checking a common car are:

  • Visual inspection of the machine;
  • Finding out the state of the engine;
  • Verification of documents and legal cleanliness of the vehicle;

Checking documents when buying a car

When buying by ad, you can contact the owner by phone. Moreover, you can meet; inspect the car in the garage or parking lot. Even before a personal meeting, you can check the car before buying by xtool pad. Similarly, you can do this by the number, finding it out by phone or by the photo in the ad.

With fake or spoiled documents, the car will not be registered with the traffic police, but will drive to the penalty area. Therefore, carefully examine:

PTS (vehicle passport);

We can say that check vehicle registration certificate. If there are blots in the documents, corrections are noticeable, it is better to immediately abandon the purchase.

Check the VIN code

Articles on the Internet often advise to check a car by VIN code. The purpose of such a check is to compare the VIN numbers. These are usually found on the door plate, under the windshield and floor. They have covering with numbers stamped on the chassis and engine of the car.

Mismatch of numbers, unreadable characters, traces of interrupting numbers indicate attempts to hide a car theft, engine replacement or other types of fraud we can check it with the help of xtool pad.

How xtool pad helps in this matter?

Basically, a request to the traffic police reveals that the car:

  • Hijacked and wanted;
  • Burdened with traffic fines;
  • Participated in registered accidents;
  • Disposed of, i.e. the vehicle was removed from the register and passed the disposal procedure.

Checking documents before buying a car

Checking by state number and VIN-code of transport from the car market or from the garage using free services is often unreliable. The response to the request from the official website of the traffic police of Russia comes in 10 days or is not satisfied.

Checking for restrictions, loan pledges, leasing, court arrests and bans other than xtool pad is carried out at the request of the registers of financial organizations, on the website of bailiffs.

How websites are helpful for xtool pad?

When choosing how to legally check a car upon purchase, experienced buyers rarely use the Internet resources, the official website of the traffic police of the Russian Federation. If you do not need to save money, the right decision would be to turn to paid legal sites that will remotely check all the necessary parameters using the sent scans or photographs of documents.

An independent free check of a car before buying for legal purity does not give one hundred percent guarantees of the reliability of a common car, but it reduces costs and we must use xtool pad as well.

Why should we not pat full before xtool pad verification?

Summarizing the possibilities of legal documentary verification, we should note that it is difficult to check a common car when buying at the car market. Therefore, it would be more correct not to pay for the car in full.

Agree on the payment of money after the car includes such an item in the sales contract. When examining a car in the traffic police, they will check for theft and judicial arrest at all official bases, and broken license plates will reveal.

Visual inspection of the body and interior

 xtool pad 2021

An inexperienced buyer is primarily looking for noticeable damage to the body - cracks in the windshield, dents, scratches, paint chips. But deep painted scratches on the sills and inner wheel arches are much more dangerous. Having missed such damage, in a few months you will be faced with a difficult body repair or replacement of rotten parts due to continuous foci of penetrating corrosion.

Experienced drivers carefully examine the gaps between body parts without using xtool pad - fenders, doors, side pillars before buying. Uneven gaps indicate changes in the geometry of the body after severe impacts in an accident, replacement of body elements after an accident.

Check Vehicle interior with xtool pad

In the passenger compartment, check the condition of the seat upholstery (look for scuffs, gusts, marks, oil stains), the mechanisms for folding and adjusting the seats. Examine the plastic of the dashboard. The found shortcomings are not critical for the operation of the machine, but when bargaining will serve as a basis for reducing the price.

Turn on the car radio, listen to the speakers. For foreign cars, check the operation of the audio CD changer, FM transmitter or other audio file playback device. This is the most vulnerable element of the audio system, which fails after 5-6 years of operation and tries to check by xtool pad. Turn on the air conditioner; check in cooling and heating modes. If you find breakdowns, refuse to purchase.

Self inspection of the engine and test drive

Visual inspection of the engine does not do much, but it brings results. A too dirty engine, with oil drips, will immediately tell about the owner's disgusting attitude towards the car. It is unlikely that such an internal combustion engine will work well.

Some suspicions inspire by a too clean engine. Many car owners wash their engine on purpose before selling it, but this may also be evidence of deception.

Summary xtool pad

Feel free to ask questions about xtool pad. Seeing light and transparent oil, it is logical to ask a question about the time and reason for the replacement. Darkened oil (normal) makes it possible to find out when the oil we changed. The coolant, its condition and quantity must also comply with the standards.

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