Opcom V1.95: 2022 Best Auto Diagnostic Device


Opcom V1.95
Opcom V1.95
 is currently extremely popular, an effective tool for all professionals as well as car mechanics to find errors in the system. Through the following content will add more information for readers, let's read together.

What is opcom V1.95?

Opcom V1.95 software was established to bring convenience in the process of operating cars in a harmless way and achieve good results. This is a software to check car errors by phone or computer device to know the current indicators of the engine.

In addition, the auto fault reading software is good to suit car users and auto repairers. In particular, this software also provides online help from automotive electronics technicians when required to repair cars.

Opcom V1.95 is a Reliable, accurate and reliable car code reader application with full content suitable for car users. And it is being common universally, popular not only in the Vietnamese automobile market but also growing abroad, globally.


How does opcom V1.95work?

Various types of electronic controls have been incorporated into cars since the early 1990s. Therefore, today's cars come with modern technologies to control the entire range of vehicles. As far as exactly OBD is concerned, most cars today support OBD2 as it is a more advanced and efficient technology than OBD1.

A control computer installed on a car is also referred to as the Engine Control Unit (ECU). All special vehicle departments are closely linked with the ECU. These components continuously transmit different signals to the ECU. It is to ensure that everything is running smoothly.

In the event that the engine or some other part of the vehicle has a fault, then the fault signal will be sent to the ECU, then the ECU will understand that there is a problem. As a result, the ECU will send a Notice to the vehicle owner by displaying a number of warnings such as the Check Engine light on.

To be able to use the opcom V1.95 follow these steps:

Step 1: Prepare

  • Locate the vehicle's OBD port: Vehicle owners can locate the OBD port near the steering wheel, below the dashboard, or around the center console.
  • Turn off the car engine before plugging in the device.

Step 2: Get the data

  • Connect the jack of the OBD diagnostic machine to the available diagnostic jack on the vehicle and turn the key “ON” but do not start the vehicle.
  • Proceed to select the vehicle model and some other selection information if available on the screen, then the device will automatically connect to the engine ECU box.

After opcom V1.95 has finished booting, press select menu. In the menu, items such as Engine/Powertrain (engine/powertrain), Airbag (airbag), Transmission (gearbox), Brakes (brake system), etc. display when the user selects one of the above items., the machine will check and diagnose the error collected from the ECU box. 

Step 3: Read the data

In this step, the vehicle owner/repairer will read the collected data using one of the following three options: search for the trouble code online, use specialized software, or read it directly. It reads the data information from the diagnostic tool. 


4. How to choose to buy opcom V1.95

It is very important to choose an auto diagnostic device with features that keep pace with new technologies of car manufacturers. Here are some experiences to help car owners / garage owners choose for themselves a car error reader that can meet their needs well.

  • Choose opcom V1.95 for your vehicle. In the case of a car owner, customers should choose a specialized model. As for the car garage, you should choose a multi-function machine that can diagnose and handle all car models.
  • Carefully study the product's features before deciding to buy. Many people decide to buy a product based solely on advice from the seller. However, the information given by the seller sometimes will not be objective. 
  • Therefore, when buying a car opcom V1.95, users need to learn carefully about the product's features on the genuine website as well as consult information from people who have common this device.
  • Choose to buy from suppliers, reputable brands.
  • Consider the opcom V1.95 price range at a reasonable threshold. 
  • Consider other factors such as technical support, warranty, etc.

Type of opcom V1.95

There are many types of devices that can be common to read OBDII error codes. You can absolutely own such a device with prices ranging from a few hundred thousand to tens of millions of dongs.

It's not difficult to find them, just type the phrase " OBD2 code scanner " or " OBD2 fault diagnostic machine " and you will have hundreds of results matching these auto parts selling websites.

Basically the code instructions and protocols of opcom V1.95 are quite similar. They differ by some basic error codes by manufacturer. However, there are also general fault codes that regulate by auto associations around the world.

But not any type of machine or opcom V1.95 can also check and classify and erase all those errors. Therefore, the equipment is often different and the price is not the same.

Basic about types of scanners that fail OBDII

It is said to be an error code scanner, but in fact, it is necessary to look at the main use of these models for classification. In our opinion there are two basic types of devices.
Opcom V1.95 2022

Code reader.

These are essentially basic error code reading devices, they can only scan and identify common errors, some devices can erase basic types of errors. But they do not provide all fault codes for all models, and often cannot update more error codes and diagnostic features.

The price of opcom V1.95 is quite cheap, only a few hundred thousand can own this device. Typically, some devices read error codes EML327.

The scanner diagnoses and clears errors.

These are the scanners and standard OBDII error codes. Unlike error code readers they are more advanced, have more complex functions and operating systems.

. Opcom V1.95 is always updated as a car technology is developed. And of course, they are quite expensive. Prices are usually from a few dozen or even hundreds of millions of dong per device.

An overview of how the opcom V1.95 works.

All opcom V1.95 or diagnostics work well with vehicles manufactured after 1996. You can find most of the OBDII ports on your vehicle under the left steering wheel.

The rest you just need to plug the other end into the OBDII port on your car.

After accessing the vehicle's computer system, the opcom V1.95 will scan all error codes stored by the ECU when receiving information from the sensor heads.

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