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The benefits of Opcom in the garage is something that everyone knows. As the automotive technology industry develops more and more, leading to the new generation of cars now being made up of many modern and complex systems, repair is becoming more and more difficult.

Car repair can be solely on experience and skill in repair. It costs technicians a lot of time to be able to grasp the disease, besides there are risks in the repair process that can occur at any time.

  • Ability to analyze dynamic data on machine-readable parts.
  • Displays current vehicle parameters.
  • View data data, set keys, etc.

The benefits of opcom

Technologies that support the auto repair process have existed for a long time in countries with a developed auto industry. However, in China, the application of these technologies to the repair process has only been popular in recent years.

For a person who is knowledgeable about cars, it will certainly know that new cars are increasingly coming with more control ECU boxes, safety systems and comfort equipment, especially luxury cars.

So, to be able to accurately diagnose the car's disease, the use of opcom is a must for a professional garage to have.


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  • Why do car owners always choose a garage with an auto diagnostic machine for repair?

With today's ever-evolving technology, car diagnostics is an indispensable tool in repair shops. This device helps technicians to optimize time and cost for the maintenance and repair of a car. However, this product is still quite unfamiliar to some users.

 Therefore, in this article, we would like to introduce to you some information about what is a car fault diagnosis machine? Opcom carries functional characteristics and proper use of the detailed automotive fault reading device. See more in the content below.


The benefits of the diagnostic machine to the car repair garage

In order to build customer trust and confidence in the garage, the garage must meet the conditions set by the customer. And one of the tools to support the repair process for technicians and increase trust from customers is the opcom.

Cars in China are a mobile asset, and when customers come to your garage to repair. Your garage does not have any diagnostic machines to assist in diagnosing diseases. Customers will immediately feel “unsafe “for their cars, especially high-end and luxury cars.

The uses of the opcom

Multi-function diagnostic machine or specialized diagnostic equipment has the functions of reading and clearing fault codes. It can do this task simply and quickly, safely and accurately, with main functions such as:

  • Read, clear error codes and repair instructions for vehicle systems such as: engine, transmission, tire pressure, sensors, electrical systems, etc.
  • Read, delete and guide to support programming, resetting ECU boxes, airbags.
  • Activate all actuators, set steering angle, relearn throttle...
  • View data, set key…


Other benefits of opcom

With a car diagnostic machine, you can check all the systems in your vehicle with just a few taps. Moreover, you can do this without having to disassemble or do any work.

The car diagnostic machine helps technicians quickly catch the disease most accurately. There are repair instructions right on the machine. Moreover, it ensures safety and accuracy. Thereby increasing the trust of customers for the garage.

Functions of opcom

In addition to the functions to support the repair process for technicians, the diagnostic machine also has other rarely used entertainment functions such as surfing the web, watching movies, taking photos and many other convenient features like a smart tablet.

A garage with opcom

As the benefits of the diagnostic machine mentioned above, in addition to reducing time and ensuring accuracy when deciding to repair, car owners can directly observe opcom to ensure transparency.

Transparency, creating maximum trust for customers to decide to repair their cars at your garage and furthermore to return to the garage as well as refer customers.

Vehicle owners can observe the technical parameters of the vehicle's details through the screen of the opcom in the most intuitive way. With the above parameters, you can know what condition your car is in, and at the same time ask the technician to clearly explain the errors the car is experiencing...

Car diagnostic machine is a really indispensable device in today's auto repair garage. It brings a lot of benefits to the garage itself as well as to your customers, from which the prestige and professionalism of your garage is increased, customers increasingly trust your garage.

In addition, the life of a opcom is very high, the investment cost for the diagnostic machine is moderate, and the benefits of the diagnostic machine are difficult to measure. So why haven't you bought yourself an auto diagnostic machine for your garage yet?

Why opcom is best today?

Currently, in addition to specialized installation and calibration equipment for each brand, you can refer to the most versatile and outstanding automotive fault-reading machines in today's most advanced opcom. may include:

Opcom high-end car error reader: The car diagnostic line diagnoses passenger cars around the world. They are very suitable for garages that tend to repair European cars.

opcom is a Vietnamese car diagnostic machine, the diagnostic ability is almost similar to Autel MS908s Pro, in addition, Opcom also diagnoses 24V trucks of Hyundai - Kia and Chinese cars.

A multi-function car error reader dedicated to garages specializing in repairing heavy trucks, tractors, construction vehicles... and similar vehicles with the ability to read errors. and in-depth support.

If you have learned a lot about car error readers, then you will know that these are the most advanced diagnostic machines. They are invested by many professional garages to use, and receive a lot of very satisfied experiences in return.

Opcom an intensive car error reader

If your garage is repairing passenger cars, 24V trucks, and needs a car diagnostic machine using Vietnamese language. Then Opcom is definitely the product you need. Why say Opcom is an intensive product that meets all of the above problems.

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