Launch X431 V: Buyers Guide & Reviews


Launch X431 V: Buyers Guide & Reviews


If you are looking for a diagnostic tool for your car that provides complete vehicle detection then the Launch X431 V is going to be the best thing you’ll invest your money in. This bi-directional scan tool comes packed with features and functions that make it great for both commercial and individual use.

If this is your first time buying a diagnostic scanner, it can be hard for you to decide what to buy and what not to buy. However, as you are here now, we’ll put an end to all of your confusion and decision making issues. Today we are going to review the Launch X431 V diagnostic tool for you which is the talk of the town nowadays. Let’s discuss this tool in detail today to find out where there’s so much hype about it around.


What Is The Launch X431 V?

If you’ve ever used a diagnostic tool or especially if you’ve had your hands on the popular X431 V Launch scan tool then you’d probably love this new and upgraded version. It’s not too different from its previous model but yes, it does come with some upgraded functions like SCN coding. As of now, this tool is one of the top best scanning tools in the market and yes, it’s totally worth it.


From clearing error codes to testing SAS systems and the ABS system of your vehicle, this tool can do all of that for you without any hassle. Especially if you want the best scanner for your repair shop then this is a must buy for you and it will definitely be worth every single penny that you spend.


From running a scan on your anti-lock braking system to reporting the ABS issue back to you instantly, this tool can do everything that you’d want from a perfect diagnostic tool. It can also run tests on SAS and SRS airbags. As soon as you connect the scanner with your vehicle, this tool will automatically identify the model and the make which is something not all scanners can do. All of this is because of the VIN technology of the scanner that can help you with vehicle identification.


If you witness the oil change warning sign while driving, this tool can immediately fix it by running a test on it. Other than this, this tool can do the same for your engine and tyre pressure warnings. When you fix the issue, this scanner will immediately turn off the warning lights so that you don’t have anything left to worry about. The main purpose of the Launch X431 V+ is to save you some time while repairing the vehicles in your shop. Not just this but if you want a scanning tool for individual use, you can still rely on the Launch X431 V because all the functions and features it offers are just exceptional and they can help you resolve multiple issues with your car all at the same time.

This tool can affect the ECU coding of your vehicle which is great as you’ll be able to reprogram multiple CPU programs of your vehicle. In a nutshell, if you want the best value for your money then there’s no other scanner better than the Launch X431 V. It’s a bi-directional scanning tool that can do both; send and receive data from your vehicle. In other words, the tool can easily command for a response from the vehicle and it can actively run tests according to those commands.

One of the best things about this diagnostic tool is that it operates on the latest OS system, Android 9.0 which makes it very easy to use. Whether you are using a scanner for your car for the first time or if you are an expert with diagnostic tools, this scanner will fit all your needs just the way you want. In fact, this tool itself is a tablet that comes with a 10.1 inch, 1920×1200 touch screen which makes it very easy for a user to check the codes, run the tests and operate the device the way they want. Moreover, updating Android is a lot easier than any other operating system. As a cherry on top, the Launch X431 V comes with two years of free updates so it’s going to be a one exciting experience for you.



It goes without saying that whenever you are looking for an OBD2 scanner, the first thing you need to consider is its compatibility. It’s important because you wouldn’t want to end up with a scanner that doesn’t even support your vehicle. Now the best thing about the Launch X431 V is that it comes with some real time extensive compatibility. It can alone cover 90 different brands of cars in the US. In other words, it doesn’t matter which vehicle you own, this scanner will probably work with it.


ECU Coding

With the ECU coding, you can easily program or reprogram multiple components of your CPU using this diagnostic tool. This is another major plus and another reason why you should get this scanner right away. From changing the chimes on the car to adjusting the start and stop settings, you can do everything with this upgraded diagnostic tool and you sure will love the experience of working with it.



If you want the best diagnostic tool that’s rich in features and brings you all the functionalities you need at your repair shop then don’t wait and try the Launch X431 V right away. We assure you that this scanner will help deliver the best results possible and you’ll have a great time working with it. Even if you want it for individual use to make sure that whenever something goes wrong with your car, you can fix it then try this tool and you will love the features it comes with. With the large display, you’ll be able to read the codes and check the functionality easily.

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