Importance of Renault can clip interfaces


What is meant by Renault can clip interface:

Renault has developed a new device to help in diagnosing all Renault’s computer systems, this is called “CAN Clip Interface” which is a high-speed wired network cable it allows you to change over from Ethernet to CAN Clip many more functions which are available on the internet now. You can also download your car to your computer using this method.

Features of Renault can clip interface:

There are some interesting features in the Renault CAN Clip interface, which is as follows in the given below:

  • This product is enabling driver assistance systems like automatic parking for example or adaptive cruise control or lane keep assist control which will be able to avoid any collision.
  • It is very useful for Renault customers who wish to manage their vehicles from anywhere at any time.
  • The Renault Can Clip interface also serves as an adapter card on each of the various Renault models to enable you to connect to the Internet.
  • This makes sure that no one else can access your vehicle while you’re away. But as I said before, because of the speed and number of devices it supports it should connect with more than one computer at once. A basic design that looks similar to USB adapters.
  • This product does not use only computers but also other accessories. For instance, the Renault CAN Clip interface can connect two phones.
  • Renault can clip interface can configure all the wireless routers in your car into a single software, so they don’t need to be individually connected to the computer. Therefore the Renault Can Clip gives easy access to all the Wi-Fi in and outside the car by allowing you to set up multiple virtual networks on each of your wireless routers.
  • This will reduce the time taken to enter your router into the car’s wireless network and therefore it’s easier on the eyes. It makes sure that there is no interference from others as well, especially when you are outside the car.
  • The Renault Can Clip interface also comes with a good charger making sure, that every component in your car stays charged even if you are out of the country.

Components of Renault can clip interface:

The main components of these can clips are included which is follow in the given below:

  • The motherboard will be located on both sides of the device. Also, there is a power supply, which takes up half the bottom side of the motherboard.
  • The microcontroller unit (MCU) housed inside the motherboard will handle all the communication between the Renault CAN Clip and your car wirelessly.
  • The transmission part of your car. This consists of cables (Wireless & 3G/4G). A total of five cables will be needed including these connectors to make sure that your car can stay connected to the Renault CAN Clip.
  • A connector for connecting wirelessly to two wireless receivers in your car. To ensure this function the circuit breakers need to be placed in the circuit breaker connector.
  • A universal antenna (USB) that will be able to receive signals. When you want to transmit data to your car, it needs to meet the requirements of wireless communication.
  • The antenna that will be able to receive the signal from the car.
  • A radio receiver (RADAR) is responsible for all forms and types of information relayed in form of radio waves to your car. It will then send information in your car to the amplifier which is situated in the Microcontroller Unit(MCU)
  • The transceiver is responsible for receiving the voice commands coming from the speaker in the head unit.
  • A wireless receiver (WIFI) for receiving the signals from another wireless receiver (in the first case it would be my car) in your car.

Renault can clip interface setup includes:

The following steps are included before the start of the Renault can clip interface:

  • Complete name of software: Renault can clip interface
  • Setup file: Renault can clip interface
  • Automatic: 32 Bit (x86 /64 Bit 9x (64)
  • Format size: 3.1 GB
  • How can the Renault clip interface work?

To start working, you will require to install the Renault CAN Clip on one side of your car and then go to the website which will offer installation of the Renault CAN Clip. Under the settings, where you have configured your car’s wireless router, you will find the option to choose what kind of wiring your system will use. To select from a list of configurations then make sure that you know about them beforehand and click the corresponding button next to it. After selecting all choices, then it will show two options: you can either pick the default settings or leave them or you can choose one from this list to modify and customize the configuration. Once you have done this, then submit your application by clicking on the blue arrow to save your changes and restarting the Renault can clip.


This device provides the technology of wireless auto park, which helped Renault drivers to park their cars without having to touch the vehicle. This way by placing the parking spot near the car, you can see everything and stay safe. By making use of the Renault Can Clip interface, This can provide safety to people wherever they want to park their car and as the wireless technology becomes more advanced and more widespread, more cars across the world will be using it and This can become even the key player in providing wireless Auto parks in the future for our roads and cities. On the other hand, if you want to use this technology to prevent collisions it means that you can stop your car from going too far behind the parked object. Your satisfaction is our priority.

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