Auto key Programmer: An Instruction Guide For Beginners


Auto key Programmer: An Instruction guide for Beginners

A key programmer is an impartial or standalone device, although they are integrated into the complex scan tools. It is mostly in two directions in the sense of their interface and connections. The connector is called the OBD=II connector, typically on-board diagnostics. Autokey programmer is used in automobiles. Because the primary purpose of the keys is to define the speed, this is mainly due to the data (access at fast pace). These are established to enhance the speed of the data in different situations, for example, to create the link between the many tables. 

If we talk about the car, then mainly it links between the switch and key. A car key programmer is a tool used by the engineers to recode the transponder on the mechanical key (key fob). Most of the several automobiles contains specially coded transponders. These keys do not work correctly if proper signals are not received. But in some cases, new keys may be programmed in some other way without any particular apparatus. However, many vehicles require a new device, which is referred to as a key programmer. 

Working on key programming

Working of the key programming is easy to understand as it works by transmitting the code to a receiver that will unlock the doors of receipt (correct code). Both transmitter and receiver should be corresponding to each other. If the key is not working, there is no need to worry about the locked-out system. You are fully saved.  

Amazingly you can program your car.

Most people are worried about programming their key. They need to be programmed their automobile, and it just takes 30 minutes. 


Need to know about types of Auto Key Programmer

Following are the different types of auto key programmers that are helpful for customers.

Master key:

Most cars are prepared with a master key to make copies or duplicate keys for any vehicle. It was not aimed for regular or casual use. For instance, it is necessary to change the engine to manage the quality; therefore, another key copy is required. 

Traditional key:

The traditional key is easy to manage.

The traditional key is the most basic type of key. It is typically found on older cars and doesn’t have any encoding. This type of key can be made with many machines used to cut metal, using die punch, or other methods. They can be cut from a standard key blank that typically ranges from $3-$10


Transponder key:

There are two types of transponder keys. One is famously known as rolling code and the second one is microchip key. They were both introduced a long time ago. When this key is inserted, sensors start alarming. The price tag is not expensive, and it is between the $40 to $100

Another type of transponder key is the rolling code key. Introduced in 1999, this key sends a new code every time the car is used, protecting the car more securely than traditional transponders. 


Switchblade key:


A switchblade key is a key that folds within itself much like a switchblade knife. Typically, there is a button that will pop out the key for use. It can cost around $200-$300 to replace the whole thing, although if just the shank needs to be replaced, it costs around $75.


Smart key:


A smart key is a fob that will enable the vehicle to turn on by the press of a button when it is within range of the car. It does not need to be inserted into the ignition. These keys have to be replaced through the dealership and can cost anywhere from $200-$400. It is always a good idea to keep an extra key on hand or at home. Sometimes when keys are lost or stolen, it may be necessary to replace the locking system in your car completely. That can cost thousands of dollars in materials and labor. In emergencies, contact a mobile locksmith to help you out of the bind. It will be less of a hassle and will cost less than towing your car to a dealership.


Valet key:


Another type of key is the valet key; usually, people take it in their valets for all use. This key will only open and close the doors of the car. It is not designed to perform the other functions.


Replacement of key is not easy


If anybody wants to replace the key for an automobile, it is not that easy. The new unit is turning the mechanical switch but flop to start the vehicle or reset the system. Keys can be taken from the companies or showroom. However, they are coded with great care and unique source. So, if this occurs, then the reason is that the transponder that is fixed inside the key has not been coded to the system and correct analysis.


The Best Key Programming Machine for All Cars

Following are the fantastic machines for all types of cars:

  • Autel MaxiIM IM608 (Auto key programmer)
  • Autel MaxiIM IM608 (PRO Auto key programmer)
  • Autek IM508 fob programming tool (advanced tool)
  • Autel Maxisys Diagnostic Scan
  • Pro Bidirectional Scan Tool X431

 autel im608

Final Assumption


The primary purpose of using the key programmer mainly includes plugging in the tool. However, the plugging involves the OBD-II interface for communication purposes with another automobile. Every device with different functionality applies different approaches and alternatives. After the installment of the key programmer, the new key performs the same functionality as the old one. If you are looking for the perfect tool for your automobile, we are delighted to serve you. You are allowed to visit our website for variations of the design and price. You can make an idea from our online store which will surely save your money and time.

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