Autel Im608 - Buying Guide and Review


Autel Im608 - Buying Guide and Review


If you are here today, it’s obvious that you understand the importance of having a car diagnostic tool. However, it might be possible that this is your first time buying the scanner and you are just confused where to invest your money. For starters, you should know that Autel has always been under the limelight for being the best brand that offers quality car diagnostic tools and scanners. So no matter which model you are buying, it will always bring you the best value for your money.


Speaking of Autel, the autel im608 is the latest and the most advanced tool in the market that comes packed with all the features you require. Whether you want to test your system or want a professional automotive programmer, the autel im608 will help you with anything.


Considering the number of different OBD2 scanners available in the market, it can be a little overwhelming to decide which one to pick. But with the Autel Im608, we assure you that you won’t ever have to worry about anything. It’s a one worthy OBD2 scanner with all the functions and features you could possibly need for your car diagnosis.


Overall Review of Autel Im608


Of course when you want to buy a diagnostic tool, you need proper reasoning to go for a particular model or a brand. Now brand wise, we’ve already cleared you that Autel is always the best but if you are doubtful about the Autel Im608 model then stick with us a little longer. We are now going to review this scanner for you in detail so that you can make a wiser decision.


One of the best things about the Autel Im608 is that it comes with locksmith level key programming. It’s compatible with around 80 makes and models and it has all the features you need to check your vehicle or to program it as per your needs. Moreover, it’s suitable for both the professional technicians, mechanics and even individuals who want to keep a scanning toll with them at all times.


It’s light in weight and compact in design so carrying it around in your pocket won’t be an issue for anyone. When it comes to memory, this device has an internal memory of 64GB which is enough to record and store any data. Moreover, it comes with the Samsung hexa-core processor which is quite fast so using this tool will be fun for you. Furthermore, when connecting this device to your car, you don’t have to worry about the AD or DC adapter because the Autel im608 comes equipped with all the necessary cords and cables. You just have to connect it to your car and it will be good to go for you.


As far as its coverage is concerned, the Autel im608 offers complete IMMO and other important programming functions because of the MaxiFlash JVCI re-programmer and XP400 key programmer. One main reason why this tool is best for you is that it comes with a smart mode that’s best for beginners or technicians who are just getting started. Then there’s this “Expert” mode which is suitable for professionals who know how to use this device to program their vehicles. With this tool, the identification of vehicles won’t be a problem for you as it comes equipped with the VIN scan functions. You can view the live data, record it and it even offers a playback option. You can read and then erase the data just when you need it. You’ll be able to locate DTC issues faster than an OBD2 computer so this machine totally deserves your attention!


IM608 Functionality


The IM608 comes with some of the best IMMO functionalities. Including;


➔ Advanced key learning and remote learning are easy for the users. Moreover you can easily access Add key and automated key learning

➔ ECU brain reset coding and brain reset adaption

➔ It functions with multiple chip types like the EEPROM chip. You can also read or write the IC card as per your requirements

➔ Transponder alterations for  Audi MQB along with VWs


High Quality Interface


One of the major assets with which this tool comes is that it has a very easy to use Android interface which isn’t something you usually get with the other diagnostic devices. The 1920×1200 megapixel resolution gives you the kind of clean and crystal clear display you need to check all the information and details of your car. On top of it, there’s this touch screen navigation that makes it easier for you to reset or program your vehicle as per your requirements. Even if the vehicle isn’t familiar, the Autel im608 will still work wonders for you and provide you all the features you want when diagnosing your car.


Build Quality

A diagnostic device is supposed to be solid enough to withstand any tough conditions. Here the Autel im608 wins because it has a strong and durable solid body that can help you no matter where you want to use this device. It comes with a 15000mAh battery which will be enough for an entire day. You can also take photos of the process with the 8 megapixel rear camera.


Some Drawbacks of the Autel im608

Just like any other diagnostic tool, this one comes with a few drawbacks too. For example, it doesn’t work with vehicles built before 1996 and you can’t easily find battery replacements for it. Overall, it’s a great device with no other drawback that can possibly affect the diagnostic process.

Well, its pros outweigh its drawback you can Buy it confidentially; we assure you that it would be one of the greatest investments ever. Its each and every feature works efficiently with any device. This is one of cost effective solution ever.

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