Volvo Vida Dice Diagnostic Tool Update By CD 2014D High Quality


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Volvo Vida Dice Diagnostic Tool Update By CD 2014D High Quality
Volvo Vida Dice Diagnostic Tool Update By CD 2014D High Quality

Volvo Vida Dice Diagnostic Tool Update By CD 2014D High Quality

How to install Volvo vida dice 2014D on win7

Volvo vida dice introduction:
Model name:Volvo vida dice pro
Software Version:2014D
Update:By link
Car Models:For Volvo Cars Only
Languages:Italiano, English, French, Portuguese, Swedish, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Russian, Turkish, Thai, Chinese
Functions:Diagnostic interface
Connection:By OBD2.


Install/User Note:

1. Pls close internet, Please shut down anti-virus software and then install software. Our software will have no bad effect on your laptop !
2. Our Vida Dice Diagnostic Communication Equipment is used together with VIDA all-in-one to communicate with the vehicle.
WE DO NOT SELL STUPID VIDA DICE which resvised from J2534, because that do NOT supports full functions and update.

3. Our Vida Dice doesn't support Bluetooth , it communicate via USB
4. PC system must be win7 ( 32bit is best ) and IE9 ( Before Installing software, must install IE9 firstly )

Our good quality PCB pictures:



VIDA DICE PRO Description: 

DICE Diagnostic Communication Equipment,is a tool that used together with VIDA all-in-one to communicate with the vehicle.Communication makes diagnosing and troubleshooting the vehicle possible,as well as downloading software.When connecting CARB cable to the vehicle, DiCE is powered as long as the battery is charged.

Volvo dice is equipped with four status LEDs that indicate the status of the software,the USB and Bluetooth communication and the interface to the car.

At one end of the unit,there is a DC input where a battery cable or adaptor(12V) can be connected.The adaptor is used when upgrading and troubleshooting the DiCE.In the other end of the unit,there is a removable cover that could be removed by turning the screw on the cover.

Below is the full list of covered Volvo models:

240 (1975-1993)
260 (1975-1985)
340 (1985-1991)
360 (1985-1989)
440 (1989-1997)
460 (1989-1997)
480 (1986-1995)
740 (1984-1992)
760 (1982-1990)
780 (1986-1991)
850 (1992-1997)
940 (1991-1998)
960 (1991-1997)
C30 (2007-2014)
C70 Convertible (1998-2014)
C70 Coupe (2006-2014)
C70 Coupe (1998-2002)
S40 (2004-2012)
S60 (2001-2014)
S70 (1997-2000)
S80 (1999-2014)
S80L (2008-2014)
S90 (1997-1998)
V40 (1996-2012)
V50 (2004-2012)
V60 (2010-2014)
V70 (1997-2012)
V70XC (1998-2000)
V7XC (2001-2013)
V90 (1997-1998)
XC60 (2008-2014)
XC70 (2001-2014)
XC90 (2003-2014)


Administration - General information, design and function
Standard components, service materials and consumables. General information (among other things, control modules, SRS, general safety) as well as service and maintenance
Engine with mounting and equipment
Electrical system
Power transmission
Suspension and steering
Springs, shock absorbers and wheels
Body and interior - among other things, diagnostics, design and function, repair and spare part information
Other - special vehicles, e.g., ambulances, police cars. Components that deviate from standard.

About volvo dice installation:

VOLVO has high request on installation computer:
This version doesn't have bluetooth function!

System :WIN 7 PRO  (if you don't have WIN7 32bits system,pls buy from us ,1eur )
CPU: above 2.0
Memory: 4GB

(Vida works with w7_64 and IE11! You can also install all the Windows updates.
 BUT: dotNET 4.51 causes the communication problems between VIDA and DICE. Deinstall dotNET and everything works just fine.)

Install:You should install it on Disk C, and should have 120GB+ to install the vida software.
The format should be NPFS

2 Run the CD-ROM ,<InstallDVDVida_dvdheaderMainsetup.exe>,Choose the languages:[EN-GB...],  install it to

3 After restarted, once the service icon(The bottom of the right corner) is available(VIDA Status:  Running) , and choose the below cracked executing documents [VIDA_patch.EXE], install it to  



Q: Does VOLVO DICE support diagnosing Japanese import Volvo S80 2.9 2002?
A: Volvo Vida Dice supports diagnosing for almost all Volvo car models from different regions and countries including Japan, North America, Europe and the rest of the world, but it is uncertain whether Volvo can work with the modified cars.

Q: Does Volvo Dice work with my Volvo 850se 1996 year car?
A: Yes, it does. Generally Speaking, Volvo Dice works with Volvo from 1996 to 2013 year, it depends on the specific car model and Volvo Dice version.

Q: If it read fault code and do programming for my 2000 Volvo S80 t6?
A: It can do fault code for your car, but can’t do programming for it.

Q: when I go VIDA All-in-one after I input the password ADMIN, it does not accept anything.
A: Please install "Vida_patch", after complete installation, restart the computer, then it will accept.

Q: If this item can read and edit BCU of Volvo s40?
A: No, this item is simply diagnostic tool, can read and edit BCU.

Q:When I install volvo vida software,it have a error,like this:
 "Security ok but vida NOT ok”
A:you need install it on WIN7 32BIT computer.

Q: If it read fault code and do programming for my 2000 Volvo S80 t6?
A: It can diagnose your car, but can’t do programming for it.

VIDA DICE software look:








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