How to Update Kess 5.017 2.23V to KESS V2 2.47V ?


How to activate KESS 5.017 2.23 to Kess 2.47?

Hello,everyone,here we share how to update your KESS 5.017 from 2.23 to 2.47

Step 1:

Download the KESS 2.47 software link from

Step 2:

Install it,and offer us the Name and ID like below:


Step 3: will send you one EXE.file,please copy this file to your KESS 2.47 folder,like this:


after,press this EXE file,it will ask for you code

we will send you this code,then all ok

then,all finished


Notice when you update your kess 5.017:

1 Better to use WIN7,WIN8,XP is not stable for this 2.47 software

2 This 2.47 software update is only for the KESS 5.017 RED PCB ,sold by us!
It cannot work for KTAG or Green PCB Kess,Please notice this.
3 This 39USD cost is for one time activated,if you want more time,it need pay again.
4 Once you get your software,please give us your Name and ID,we will give you code back.

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